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  • Membership Testimonial
    EIRMA aims to provide Best Practices and Networking on R&D and Innovation Management for its member companies. You can view what CTOs, R&D directors and senior R&D project managers think about EIRMA...
  • Membership Testimonial
    EIRMA is a unique place for the efficient R&D manager to network, discuss and learn about latest trends and exchange experience.
  • Membership Testimonial
    Eirma is a forum to exchange and discuss experiences and best practices in R&D management. A very open and friendly atmosphere.
  • Membership Testimonial
    For me, EIRMA is the platform where I can unwind and refuel. It provides the framework to exchange and benchmark the trends and expertise in Technology Management. We all sit in the same boat. But here we can define and align the direction we will be rowing.
  • Membership Testimonial
    EIRMA is the best European network for sharing best practices in R&D and Innovation. Its Specific Interest Groups offer the option to keep on learning and get connected to several sister
  • Membership Testimonial
    EIRMA is really where I feel I can best exchange and share with my peers in Europe. It also forces me to reflect on Technology and Innovation topics that are important today but even more in tomorrow’s environment.
Forthcoming Events
  • 16.09.2014 Mastering Innovation Management

    The Mastering Innovation Management (MIM) programme is the new formula created in partnership with the Vlerick Business School. It is replacing the “Management Study Group”.

  • 09.10.2014 EIRMA CTO Forum 2014

    “Pivot or Persevere”? Why, when and how companies reinvent themselves.

Recent events and Related Outcomes
24.06.2014EIRMA Annual Conference
Making the most of internal creativity and external inspiration.
22.05.2014Know-how goes global: are you aware of the rules of the game?
How to share and to protect your know-how in a dynamic and more and more open and globalized innovation environment?
08.04.2014EU meets EIRMA
Boosting private R&D investment

  • 24.08.2014Launch of the first European CTO award!

    EIRMA and Spinverse have together launched the first European CTO of the Year Award, to highlight the role of the most prominent leaders of technology-based growth, promoting innovations to renew European industry and to foster competitive advantage.The Award Ceremony of the first “European CTO of the Year” will take place at the Philips Museum (Eindhoven, Netherlands)  at the end of the EIRMA CTO meeting of 9 October 2014.As EIRMA member you can nominate your candidate to be the European CTO of the Year 2014,To nominate your candidate, click here.

  • 12.06.2014Welcome to the EuroScientist special ESOF 2014 issue!

    In this special issue of the EuroScientist,is a selection of  a series of themes These are key issues where renewed discussions are essential to further the debate. More

Share best practices of industrial R&D and innovation and enjoy the experience of networking with your peers across different industrial sectors all over Europe!

What makes EIRMA unique?

The best management development happens when experienced managers come together to learn from each other. Read more ...


Responsible Partnering

A voluntary programme established by EIRMA and European sister organisations involving Public Research Organisations and Companies.

Responsible Partnering HandbookTo know more, download the handbook, read more on EIRMA website

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