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"The challenge of how to reconcile professional management with a culture of innovation remains for ever a central issue for management thinkers" These words of the Financial Times (June 2009) is what EIRMA is all about...


What Makes EIRMA Unique?

EIRMA stands for "European Industrial Research Management Association". Unique features of EIRMA are as follows:

  • membership and networks are pan-European and cross-sectoral
  • open and honest discussions between practitioners, exchange of pragmatic experience with R&D Managers and CTOs who face similar challenges
  • the “give and take” approach is based on mutual exchange of ideas between all members
  • the numerous activities of the past 66 years have led to an extensive database of R&D and Innovation knowledge

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How can EIRMA Help my Company to Perform its R&D and Innovation?

When your company joins EIRMA, all managerial staff – junior to senior – can take advantage of our resources and networks. They can benchmark and improve their own performance, understand the emerging trends. They learn from their peers and share concrete experiences on how innovation works in practice.

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How Do I Take Part?

The best way to benefit from EIRMA is to participate in our activities. At these activities, you will find like-minded people facing similar problems to your own. Their experiences can help you decide the best approach to take in your own situation. If necessary, you can follow up the discussion on a one-to-one basis or with our on-line community.

The programme of activities is developed by members to address their interests and priorities and to help people establish broader contacts as appropriate.

Publications and our website provide an extensive library of trends and practices in industrial R&D and innovation management.

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How Do I Register To an EIRMA Activity?

Each activity is advertised on the EIRMA website. In order to register, your company has to be a member of EIRMA or an invited guest.

You can preferably fill the on-line registration form of the event you wish to attend; or the form embedded in the programme of the chosen activity to be sent by regular mail or fax.

For specific questions, contact the Operations Team

How do I Read Summaries of the EIRMA Events?

In order to know the general topic and some insights of the EIRMA Round-Tables and Conferences, you can read the summaries of EIRMA Insight publications. However, the full content of the EIRMA Insights is only granted to EIRMA Members.

Access the EIRMA Insight Page here

How is EIRMA Funded?

EIRMA is an independent, not-for-profit body. Members fund EIRMA through their membership and participation fees. We receive no public subsidies, although we do take part in some sponsored projects.

To find out why it is so, read the history of EIRMA

Who Can Join the EIRMA?

Any company carrying out R&D in Europe in support of its own business activities. And also by invitation, any company supporting the effectiveness of this R&D. More information on EIRMA Membership

Currently, around 120 member companies share their R&D and Innovation knowledge within EIRMA.

Who Runs EIRMA?

EIRMA is a member-led association: Member companies elect a Governing Board, which defines the strategy and oversees an Operations Team based in Paris. The EIRMA Operations Team handles all day-to-day activities. A Programme Planning Committee of experienced R&D managers in member companies selects relevant topics in the programme.

Is EIRMA a “Think Tank” for R&D?

Not really. Think tanks usually employ a group of people to do research for others. We concentrate on helping members to learn from each other. We then translate this understanding into a form that is useful for our members and other groups, such as public authorities. But collectively our membership constitutes a tremendous think tank.

Is EIRMA a “Lobby Organisation”?

No. Our focus is on learning what works well and communicating this insight. We do work with public authorities on improving the environment for R&D, but it is not our job to represent the interests of specific companies. The website provides full information on our outreach and external activities.

Is it Legal for Competing Companies to Meet in this Way?

Yes, provided participants understand and follow the principles of competition law ("anti trust"). EIRMA's activities are concerned with the sharing of good organisational and management practices, and do not in any way seek to undermine competition. A full policy statement is available.

We follow the famous "Chatham House Rule" which states that "participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed".

Does EIRMA Fund Studentships?

We have a PhD student programme to address our own activities but EIRMA is not a funding agency.

How Do I Get My Access Code to the EIRMA Website?

The access of the full content of the website is granted to all employees of our member companies.

To receive your access code, click on "Forgot your Password?" or "Sign-Up" in the upper right corner of the Website.

Is My Company a Member of EIRMA?

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