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EIRMA is a member-led association. It is run by those managing industrial R&D for those running industrial R&D.

EIRMA provides a vehicle for practising industrial R&D managers to share and profit from the experience of peers across industry.

This peer-to-peer dimension is what makes EIRMA unique.

Key Benefits of EIRMA membership

  • Getting insights and advice about key issues in R&D and innovation management

  • Unique network for learning and sharing tools, enabling direct contact to top R&D people across industries in Europe and beyond

  • Challenging, educating and developing the skills of our members organisation - from R&D managers to CTOs.

Which Added Value for EIRMA Members?

This all happens in a context of “Give and Take” where each member has the opportunity to express their views and to learn from their peers.

R&D Performers from Different Business Sectors

The value of EIRMA membership comes from the exchange of practical experience across a wide range of business sectors, industries and professional communities in a vibrant network of R&D performers since 1966.

The effective global management and organisation of business R&D and innovation within a European perspective involves around 120 major European companies.

Our approach is based on encouraging informal, informative contacts, within and beyond industry. By being member-focused and by providing a platform for these members to discuss ideas and exchange practical experience, we are always up-to-date with the ways managers think about and address their jobs.

Entrance Ticket to World-Class Performance

At EIRMA, hands-on experts in industrial R&D from renowned European companies network from a large array of sectors. Our participants and speakers are senior managers and often members of the Board of Directors, CTOs, and innovation managers who share their experience and report their benchmark to build an extensive knowledge database on R&D and Innovation performance.

Innovation is undergoing many changes. We are working to link universities, public research organisations, industry and governments in the discussion.

To achieve this, we maintain close contacts with key organisations such as the European Commission and the OECD and sister bodies such as BusinessEurope, European University Association (EUA), European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), European Round Table and the US-based Industrial Research Institute, as well as the Japan Research Industries Association (JRIA)

Topical Programme: Basis for Informal Benchmarking

The best way to benefit from EIRMA is to participate in our activities. At these activities, you will find like-minded people facing similar problems to your own. Their experiences can help you decide the best approach to take in your own situation. If necessary, you can follow up the discussion on a one-to-one basis or with our on-line community (Collaboration Center).

We organize approximately 12 events (round-tables, conferences, outreach activities) each year and have produced an extensive on-line database of reports on R&D and Innovation over the past 45 years.

The programme of activities is developed by members to address their interests and priorities and to help people establish broader contacts as appropriate.

These activities also establish EIRMA as a natural first point of contact for policy makers and others seeking the business community’s insight.

The Best Environment to Become Top-Class Managers

Networking and personal contact is our unique features. EIRMA enables to foster the best possible industrial research, development and innovation ground in Europe by promoting exchange of best practices, experience sharing and networking among top-class managers.

This helps people at all levels of seniority to benchmark performance, improve innovation processes and achieve well-managed, well-organised Research and Development.

Improving Global Business Performance

Our aim is to help companies to improve the performance of their R&D and enhance innovation by

  • creating and disseminating cross-industry best practices and critical knowledge
  • achieving networks of high-quality hands-on R&D and Innovation experts
  • building initiatives in partnerships with its major stakeholders to address cross-industrial big challenges

Give and Take Approach

SpeakerParticipants contribute to a careful process of "Give and Take", which means that each member company is invited to contribute as a speaker or as a participant in each event. Hence R&D managers have the opportunity to successively express their views and to learn from their peers.

When a member company was not able to participate to an event, the EIRMA Insight is available to access the content of the matter discussed. EIRMA Insight is a new concept for highlighting the quintessence of the outcomes of EIRMA events.

The accumulation of all events’ reports and research done over the years has built an extensive knowledge database on trends and practices in R&D and Innovation Management.

To protect confidentiality, we follow the famous "Chatham House Rule" which states that "participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed".

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