About the European Industrial Research Management Association

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Since almost 50 years, EIRMA enables and supports the transformation of R&D and Innovation Management by Industrial Corporations operating in Europe.

EIRMA in a Nutshell...

The European Industrial Research Management Association  is an independent, member-led and non-profit organisation involving
around 80 major companies operating in a wide range of sectors.

  It is a peer-to-peer learning organisation for R&D and Innovation professionals. The Association was founded in 1966 with the support of OECD.

EIRMA deals with the effective global management and organisation of business R&D and innovation within a European perspective.

The ultimate goal of EIRMA is making European R&D and Innovation a major contributor to a more liveable, sustainable world and an attractive place for its major stakeholders.

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The key benefits for members are:

  • Getting insights and advice about key issues in R&D and innovation management
  • Unique network for learning and sharing tools, enabling direct contact to top R&D people across industries in Europe and beyond 
  •  Challenging, educating and developing the skills of our members organisation - from R&D managers to CTOs.

Networking and Personal Contact

EIRMA is an organisation run by those managing industrial R&D for those running industrial R&D.

It provides a vehicle for practising industrial R&D managers to share and profit from the experience of peers across industry.

This peer-to-peer dimension is what makes EIRMA unique. 

Our aim is to help companies to improve the performance of their R&D and enhance innovation by:

  • creating and disseminating cross-industry best practices and critical knowledge
  • achieving networks of high-quality hands-on R&D and Innovation experts
  • building initiatives in partnerships with major stakeholders to address cross-industrial big challenges

Topical Programme and Extensive Knowledge Database

Meetings provide a safe space environment to discuss key issues and share challenges as well as successes.

These provide a fast track means to access industrial best practice and learn from the experience of global R&D performers directly from those who manage R&D and face similar challenges.

EIRMA organizes approximately 12 events (round-tables, conferences, special interest groups) each year and have produced an extensive on-line database of reports on R&D and Innovation since 1966.

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Hence we provide access to:

  • a vibrant network of global R&D performers coming from different business sectors
  • the entrance ticket to world-class performance
  • a topical programme of events as a basis for informal benchmarking
  • the best environment to help people become top-class managers
  • a clear focus on improving global business performance through more effective applied R&D

The programme addresses topical and evergreen questions of R&D and innovation management, and is designed to be relevant to people at all levels of seniority.

5 Key ThemesThe five key themes driving the programme are:

  • Innovation Processes
  • Human Capital and Knowledge Management
  • R&D Asset Management
  • Link to R&D Strategy and the Market
  • Public Framework for Innovation


As a non-partisan, non-lobby organisation, EIRMA is appreciated as a valuable interlocutor for European policy makers and other interest groups seeking an authoritative and trustworthy voice for European industrial R&D.


Facing the Innovation ChallengeWe were established in 1966 when a group of companies and the OECD recognised the need. Since then, people responsible for trillions of euros of investment in R&D have used EIRMA as their preferred network.

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EIRMA Members

EIRMA is a networking organisation for R&D and Innovation practioners working primarily in industrial companies with significant R&D activities in Europe.

Members also include a handful of representatives from applied research universities and R&D centers.

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Share best practices of industrial R&D and innovation and enjoy the experience of networking with your peers across different industrial sectors all over Europe!