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To encourage networking and knowledge sharing among members, we organize approximately 12 events each year: round-tables, CTO forum, Special Interest Groups, Webinars, etc.

EIRMA has a number of long standing practictioner networks such as the Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management, comprising leading IP managers.

It runs an exclusive CTO Forum for CTOs of member companies to share concerns.

Upload the full annual programme of events for 2019: PDF EIRMA Events

EIRMA EventsEvents are available to all member company employees. The programme addresses topical and evergreen questions of R&D and innovation management, and is designed to be relevant to people at all levels of seniority.

Datesort iconTitle
05-02-2012Focus Group Learning Trip to Brazil
01-01-20122012 Programme of Activities
29-11-2011Effective Global R&D Focus Group: Third Meeting
17-11-2011IP Management: fair co-operation and remuneration in global R&D sourcing
25-10-2011CTO Forum 2011: Unleashing Breakthrough Innovation
20-10-2011Special Interest Group on Human (F)Actor in Innovation: Whither Middle Managers ?
14-10-2011Effective Global R&D Focus Group: Second Meeting
06-10-2011Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management: Governing Social Networks in R&D
30-09-2011Sustainable Development: Anticipating Business Impacts and Opportunities
16-09-2011Open Innovation: Collaboration with RTO's and Universities in the Innovation Process
08-09-20112011 Learning Group: The Service-Centred R&D
27-06-2011Kick-Off Meeting - Second Effective Global R&D Focus Group
17-06-2011Special Interest Group on Intellectual Property: Can IP help to protect your competitiveness in the field of services?
26-05-2011 Changing Mindsets: Facing a changing environment with new dynamics
10-05-2011R&D Management Study Group
15-04-2011Understanding Customer Needs and Values
08-04-2011R&D and HR Managers working together for a successful R&D organisation
06-04-2011Future Implementation of European FP8 for Research and Innovation
31-03-2011Co-operation in the Organisations: KM acting as a Real Estate Agent
18-03-2011Measuring Effectiveness in R&D
17-02-2011How to deploy an understanding of individual and organisational innovation
11-02-2011Creating value from Transversality in Decentralized R&D Organisations
27-01-2011How to Foster Competitiveness for European R&D
03-12-2010The Ingredients for Innovation: People in the Innovation Kitchen
30-11-2010The Role of R&D in Enabling Service Innovation
26-11-2010IP Management and Innovation Strategies: complementory or contradictory?
21-10-2010Applying "Soft Science" in a hard world
24-09-2010Towards Sustainable World: Impact on R&D Management
16-09-2010Knowledge transfer enhancements update


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