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To encourage networking and knowledge sharing among members, we organize approximately 12 events each year: round-tables, CTO forum, Special Interest Groups, Webinars, etc.

EIRMA has a number of long standing practictioner networks such as the Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management, comprising leading IP managers.

It runs an exclusive CTO Forum for CTOs of member companies to share concerns.

Upload the full annual programme of events for 2018: PDF EIRMA Events

EIRMA EventsEvents are available to all member company employees. The programme addresses topical and evergreen questions of R&D and innovation management, and is designed to be relevant to people at all levels of seniority.

Datesort iconTitle
12-12-2017Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence: Pragmatic knowledge extraction from consumer/user data
23-11-2017Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence
16-11-2017Trade secrets and IP in the Far West and the Far East.
26-10-2017CTO Forum 2017
13-10-2017Coping with COP – Practical steps to making the change in Industry the planet need
15-09-2017Value Innovation Workshop
29-06-2017Trade secret protection, data privacy protection and unitary patent
16-06-2017How to speed up innovation in your company?
18-05-2017Annual Conference 2017
20-04-2017From weak signals to big data analysis
10-03-2017Round-Table P&G
26-01-2017EIRMA Representatives' Round Table 2017
24-11-2016Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management
27-10-2016CTO Forum 2016
20-10-2016Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management
04-10-2016Workshop Open Innovation 2.0.
16-06-2016Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management
27-05-2016From Big Data to Value Creation
12-05-2016Annual Conference 2016
22-04-2016The agile project management framework applied to an R&D environment
07-04-2016Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management
28-01-2016EIRMA Representatives' Round Table 2016
03-12-2015Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management
19-11-2015Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management
15-10-2015CTO Forum 2015
22-09-2015HEKATE Final Conference
26-06-2015FastWorks, a General Electric (GE) programme
16-06-2015Mastering Innovation Management
11-06-2015Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management
27-04-2015Annual Conference 2015


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