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"Nanotechnology in a Nutshell" by M. Van De Voorde

This book contains:

  • nanoMedicine (dicovery of new techniques e.a. solving the cancer problem, ageing,
    nanoAgriculture and nanoFoods,
    nanoEnergy and nanoTransport,
    nanoEnvironment (clean water by nanotechnology),
    nanoSecurity (replace the dogs in airports by nanoelectronics..) and safety
    nanotextiles (no washing anymore)
    nanoMaterilals (replacing rare earth metals),
    nanoCivil Engineering (nanoCements, nanoInsulation, nanoGlass...)
    nanotechnology in the house and offices
    nanochenical industry...nanocatalysts
    nanoCommunication and nanoInformation (revolution for the next decades..)- etc etc

published by SPRINGER in Heidelberg in January 2014

Share best practices of industrial R&D and innovation and enjoy the experience of networking with your peers across different industrial sectors all over Europe!