Annual Conference 2015


EUROPE, the Eldorado for Innovation?

Infrastructures & Resources Sharing between Industry & RTOs in Europe

EIRMA Annual Conference 2015

The 2015 EIRMA Annual Conference will take place in Luxembourg from 28 to 29 April 2015.

On this occasion, on 29 April, EIRMA and EARTO will hold their First Joint Conference for a common discussion.

PDF Download the Programme here

On 28 April EIRMA members will discuss among themselves whether Europe is “the Eldorado for innovation”.

This EIRMA Annual Conference will explore how to maintain, and continue to develop, industrial research expertise and innovation capabilities in Europe, focusing on the role of industry in achieving this.

Does industry have particular obligations in contributing to and benefiting from a competitive research environment? What skills base will people need in the future to support innovation in Europe?

On 29 April EIRMA members will gather with EARTO members to discuss infrastructure and resources sharing between industry and RTOs in Europe.

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in the interface between industry and RTO innovation processes.

What facilities, tools and services are needed in Europe to align the needs and contributions from industry and RTOs to deliver transferrable co-developed results that are competitive on the world’s stage? What is the role of RTOs and Industry in supporting Smart Specialisation within European regions, and driving delivery of the Key Enabling Technologies?

Issues addressed

  • What is the industrial experience of Europe’s innovation infrastructure?
  • What are the specific strengths that will keep Europe at the center of global innovation?
  • What are the potential barriers to future success for European research based industry?
  • What are the benefits and pitfalls of R&I in the European ecosystem?
  • Why have some companies moved into Europe while others have left? Do social and political issues have an impact on R&D strategy?
  • What is industry’s role in driving improvements in Research infrastructure? How should we go about it?
  • How can industry respond to new macroeconomic challenges e.g. functional and circular economies?
  • What would make easier for you to keep your R&I in Europe?
    What would I like to find in Europe to make it the most interesting place?
    How can we optimize the use of talents and facilities?

Target Audience

The Conference is intended for people working at senior and middle levels of management, within corporate and business functions that are responsible for R&D and innovation, technology and product development.

We also encourage senior delegates to come along with talented junior managers and to spread the word among non-member companies that you would consider as potential candidates for EIRMA membership. This would enable them to experience the benefits and networking opportunities that they could gain by joining the Association.

The audience will include a broad cross-section of the European research and business community.


Carlos Härtel, EIRMA President and Managing Director GE Global Research Europe

Co-chair for the joint day with EARTO
Maria Khorsand, EARTO President and CEO of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Keynote speakers

Amongst others, we will have this year Josephine Green and David Brown as keynote speakers.

Josephine Green

Josephine Green promotes new thinking, new knowledge and new practice in the field of Social Foresight, Innovation and Change. She spent more than 13 years at Philips and is now Speaker and Consultant at Beyond 20: 21st century stories. 

You can find her biography here and here a video of her.


David Brown is Chair of ProFactor Pharma and has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry both in research and in senior executive roles. 

You can find his biography here and here a podcast of him


Egbert Lox

During our Annual Conference, we will also welcome Egbert Lox (Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Umicore). Amongst other subjects, he will show some background information through the video of the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation and of the European Commission


EIRMA in the Press

They talk about us in the press! EIRMA Annual Conference has been quoted in Echo des Entreprises and PaperJam



Joint Conference

More info about the Joint Conference, click here

To Register

Registration until 15 April 2015

Early bird until 25 February 2015, enjoy a 20% discount

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We strongly recommend you to book your room at the Alvisse Parc Hotel before 20 March 2015

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If you wish to participate to this event, please complete the registration form as soon as possible but certainly before 15 April 2015.

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From the list, please choose one parallel session of the Joint Conference of 29 April

Event's fee: 1320,00 (VAT excluded) for members excluded Belgium - 1597,20  (VAT included) for Belgian members

Early bird fee (valid until 25 February 2015) : 1100,00 (VAT excluded) for members excluded Belgium - 1331,00 (VAT included) for Belgian members

The meeting registration fee covers the cost of refreshments, dinner and lunches.

Accompanying partner  200,00 € (VAT excluded) for members excluded Belgium - 242,00 € (VAT included) for Belgian members


For payment by card, if not yet done, please communicate your card number, security code and expiry date to EIRMA in advance of the meeting.

We prefer payment by bank transfer but can also accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). All delegates will receive confirmation letters, including an invoice or receipt as appropriate.

Account N° 363-1073576-20
ING – Rond Point Robert Schuman 8 – 1040 Brussels - Belgium
IBAN: BE28 3631 0735 7620 - BIC: BBRUBEBB

For any further information, please contact Ms. Carine Ternest at EIRMA.
Tel.: +32 (0)2 233 11 81 - Fax.: +32 (0)2 231 08 35 -

Please give as much notice as possible if you are obliged to cancel.
We will refund 100% of the registration fee for cancellations received before 15 April 2015. Between 16 April and 20 April 2015 50% will be refunded. After 20 April 2015 no refund due to all engaged costs. .
Names may be substituted at any time without charge.

Specific diet, food allergies,....


  • Dr Raymond Adam (Michelman Sarl)
  • Mr Tom Aelbrecht (Johnson and Johnson)
  • Dr Anne-Christine Ayed (Tarkett)
  • Mr Laszlo Bax (Bax Innovation Consulting)
  • Dr Hansjörg Berger (ABB)
  • Mr David Brown (ProFactor Pharma)
  • Dr Javier Caldentey (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  • Ms Véronique Chapuis (Armines)
  • Dr Luc Chefneux (Independent)
  • Mr Alistair Coast-Smith (Rolls-Royce)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Mr André Convents (Procter and Gamble)
  • Mr Raymond Creemers (Lux Research)
  • Mr Michel Crispi (EIRMA)
  • Dr Alessandro Curioni (IBM)
  • Prof Martin Curley (Mastercard)
  • Prof Mérouane Debbah (Huawei)
  • Dr Léopold Demiddeleer (TechBridgeOne S.P.R.L)
  • Ms Gabriele Dobenecker (Empa)
  • Ms Katarzyna Dorywała (Wroclaw Research Center EIT+ Ltd)
  • Dr Erik Drop (TNO)
  • Ms Anna-Carin Elfström (Essity)
  • Dr Thomas Engel (Deere & Company)
  • Ms Anne Goldberg (Solvay)
  • Ms Agnès Grattepanche (EIRMA)
  • Ms Josephine Green (Beyond 20)
  • Prof Georges Haour (International Institute of Management Development)
  • Dr Carlos Härtel (GE)
  • Ms Christiane Hepp (Spinverse Oy Ltd)
  • Ms Iffet Iyigün Meydanli (Arcelik)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Mr Philippe Jacques (Solvay)
  • Dr Kari Knuutila (Outotec)
  • Ms Laura Koponen (Spinverse Oy Ltd)
  • Mr Pekka Koponen (Spinverse Oy Ltd)
  • Mr Philippe Le Bozec (Armines)
  • Mr Mark Lostak (Air Liquide)
  • Prof Egbert Lox (Umicore)
  • Dr Ernst Lutz (Grundfos)
  • Mr Nico Maaskant (AkzoNobel)
  • Mr Yukinobu Maruyama (Hitachi Europe Ltd)
  • Dr Laura Montagna (SKF)
  • Mr Mathieu Mottrie (Creax NV)
  • Dr Hiroyuki Nose (IHI)
  • Dr Aldo Ofenheimer (i2m Unternehmensentwicklung GmbH)
  • Ms Maude Portigliatti (Michelin)
  • Prof Thorsten Posselt (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Dr Steffen Preissler (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Dr Ralf Raue (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)
  • Mr Daniel Ricoult (Corning)
  • Ms Camille Roy (EIRMA)
  • Mr Frank Ruttens (Agfa Gevaert N.V.)
  • Dr Werner Sack (Biotronik AG)
  • Dr Heinrich Schäperkötter (Schaeffler Technologies)
  • Dr Stefan Schepers (EPPA SA/NV)
  • Ms Monica Schofield (TuTech Innovation Gmbh)
  • Mr Chris Shilling (Independent)
  • Mr Martin Skov Skjoth-Rasmussen (Haldor Topsoe)
  • Prof Jouko Suokas (VTT)
  • Ms Carine Ternest (EIRMA)
  • Dr Kazuyoshi Torii (Hitachi Europe Ltd)
  • Ms Wendy van Herpen (Unilever)
  • Mr Frederik van Oene (Arthur D Little)
  • Dr Joachim von Heimburg (Independent)
  • Dr Urban Wass (Volvo)
  • Prof Jörg Wellnitz (Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences)
  • Dr Falk Wottawah (Siemens)


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