Annual Conference 2018


The EIRMA Annual Conference provides an unparalleled opportunity for networking and cross-fertilising ideas and experiences between different industrial sectors, which is what makes EIRMA unique.

Annual Conference 2018

Evolution and Disruption in R&D Management

31 May & 1st June 2018, Lyon, France

.PDF  Full Programme available here


The world is changing, R&D management needs to change with it.

THe EIRMA Annual Conference 2018 will focus on Evolutions and Disruptions in R&D Management. We will in particular tackle the following topics:.

  • News ways of capturing innovation, such as gamification and the challenge method (New R&D strategies)
    Consequences for talent recruitment and management (human factor)
    The implications and impact of change for your R&D culture, particularly Digitalisation, Sustainability and Responsible Innovation.

The goal of the 2018 Annual Conference is to inspire European R&D leaders to create new ways to work and innovate tomorrow, providing an opportunity to examine cutting edge strategies that have been developed to adapt to, and benefit from, changes in society.

Issues addressed

  • What does the evolution of culture in managing R&D mean for your R&D leaders?
  • What leadership approaches can help your teams in disruptive and break through environments?
  • What are the future challenges in running an R&D organisation?
  • How to find, recruit and keep talent able to tackle those challenges?
  • How do we manage the different expectations of entrepreneurial employees and generation Y and Z?
  • What are the new ways to “capture innovation” and how do they impact R&D management? How to embrace the new ways to unlock the potential of innovation?

Bring your experience and your questioning to Lyon. Let’s exchange between practionners and create the future together!

At the end of Day 1 (31 May) participants will have the opportunity to visit Solvay’s biggest research site worldwide, Lyon Research & Innovation Center (RIC Lyon)

The Day 2 (1st June) session will be hosted by Total - Centre de Recherche de Solaize (CreS).

For security reasons and at the request of Total and Solvay, the participants are required to provide us with a copy of their ID card, they will have this same ID card in their possession during the visit of Solvay and the Day 2 session.

Target Audience

EIRMA Representatives, senior industrial leaders in Research & Innovation, people working at senior and middle levels of management, within corporate and business functions that are responsible for R&D and innovation, technology or product development.
We also encourage senior delegates to come along with high-potential R&D talents and to spread the word among non-member companies that you would consider as potential candidates for EIRMA membership. This would enable them to experience the benefits and networking opportunities that they could gain by joining the Association.


Ernst Lutz, EIRMA President, Group Executive Vice President, Business Development, Grundfos

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PDF  Full Programme available here

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Event's fee: 1450,00 € (VAT excluded) for members excluded Belgium - 1754,50 € (VAT included) for Belgian members

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We prefer payment by bank transfer but can also accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). All delegates will receive confirmation letters, including an invoice or receipt as appropriate.

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Names may be substituted at any time without charge.

Any specific diet, food requirements....


  • Dr Peter Alberius (RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • Dr Anne-Christine Ayed (Tarkett)
  • Prof Peter Bentley (University College London)
  • Dr Javier Bilbao de Mendizabal (Melexis)
  • Prof Gian-Luca Bona (Empa)
  • Dr Lidia Borrell-Damian (European University Association)
  • Ms Agnes Bosmans (VITO)
  • Mr Sybolt Brouwer (Umicore)
  • Mr David Carrera Perez (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
  • Ms Mériam Chebre (Total)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Dr René Cotting (ABB)
  • Dr Nicolas De Abajo (ArcelorMittal)
  • Dr Léopold Demiddeleer (TechBridgeOne S.P.R.L)
  • Mr Laurent Germanaud (Total)
  • Ms Anne Goldberg (Solvay)
  • Ms Agnès Grattepanche (EIRMA)
  • Mr Michael Gude (Unilever)
  • Dr Carlos Härtel (GE)
  • Mr Chandler Hatton (Arthur D Little)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Mr Philippe Jacques (Solvay)
  • Mr Daniel Michel Judkiewicz (Independent)
  • Mr Petersloth Karlsen (Grundfos)
  • Dr Iee Hwan Kim (KOITA (Korea Industrial Technology Association))
  • Mr Carel Kleemans (Tata Steel)
  • Dr Bernd Korves (Siemens)
  • Dr Petr Krupansky (ComAp a.s.)
  • Dr Stefan Lammens (SKF)
  • Mr Olivier Letessier (Air Liquide)
  • Mr Mark Lostak (Air Liquide)
  • Dr Ernst Lutz (Grundfos)
  • Mr Changwhan Ma (KOITA (Korea Industrial Technology Association))
  • Mr Romain Müller (CERN)
  • Dr Cormac Neeson (Crown Holdings, Inc)
  • Mr Marek Novotny (ComAp a.s.)
  • Mr Klaus Ohlig (Linde Gas & Engineering)
  • Dr Jarkko Partinen (Outotec)
  • Mr Mathias Rauch (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Mr Régis Reau (Air Liquide)
  • Dr Lutz Ruwisch (Umicore)
  • Dr Heinrich Schäperkötter (Schaeffler Technologies)
  • Dr Sophie Schneider (Elkem)
  • Ms Monica Schofield (TuTech Innovation Gmbh)
  • Ms Carine Ternest (EIRMA)
  • Dr Joachim von Heimburg (Independent)
  • Dr Louis Vovelle (Elkem)
  • Mr Tomas Vydra (ComAp a.s.)
  • Mr Eric Weiland (Armines)
  • Dr Dorothea Wiesmann (IBM)
  • Dr Daniel Witthaut (Evonik Industries AG)


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