Annual Conference 2019


The EIRMA Annual Conference provides an unparalleled opportunity for networking and cross-fertilising ideas and experiences between different industrial sectors, which is what makes EIRMA unique.

“R&D has to think Business”

Annual Conference 2019

16 - 17 May 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden


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Welcome to the new role of R&D managers! R&D has to think business!

In order to create value, researchers need to understand the new ecosystem: how can they create value outside of the traditional value streams they have worked in?

This question is not new but the emergency is more pressing.

Today, researchers are exposed to a lot of new scientific approaches: the opportunity to add value to organisations is growing fast.

This Annual conference will focus on the person and function of a R&D manager as well as the future of R&D management.

Bring your experience and your questioning to Gothenburg. Let’s exchange between practionners and create the future together!

Issues addressed

  • The renaissance of R&D managers – What is their new role?

  • Future of R&D management and new role of digitalisation – How do you use data analytics to guide R&D strategy?

  • How to engrain business modelling capability into R&D processes?

  • What does the culture evolution in managing R&D mean for your R&D leaders?

  • What leadership approaches can help your teams in disruptive and break through environments?

  • What are the future challenges in running an R&D organisation?

  • How to find, recruit and keep talent able to tackle those challenges?

  • How do we manage the different expectations of entrepreneurial employees and generation Y and Z?

  • What are the new ways to “capture innovation” and how do they impact R&D management? How to embrace the new ways to unlock the potential of innovation?

This is what we invite our members to discuss during this special event.

Bring your experience and your questioning to Gothenburg. Let’s exchange between practionners and create the future together!

At the end of DAY 1, participants will enjoy a visit of Volvo (EIRMA member):

The participants are invited to listen to presentations from Volvo Group managers on topics such as sustainable transport and new technologies (including a unique concept for autonomous, cab-less, electric vehicle for repetitive transport flows in ports, factory areas and logistic mega centres).

Target Audience

EIRMA Representatives, senior industrial leaders in Research & Innovation, people working at senior and middle levels of management, within corporate and business functions that are responsible for R&D and innovation, technology or product development.
We also encourage senior delegates to come along with high-potential R&D talents and to spread the word among non-member companies that you would consider as potential candidates for EIRMA membership. This would enable them to experience the benefits and networking opportunities that they could gain by joining the Association.


Ernst Lutz, EIRMA President, Group Executive Vice President, Business Development, Grundfos
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A block booking with special rates have been secured for the nights of 14, 15 and 16 May 2019.
For the nights of 14 and 15 May the rate for a single room is 1438.39 SEK (about 136,32€) / night breakfast incl, VAT 12% not incl. (1791 SEK, about 169,75€/night for a double room)
For the night of 16 May the rate for a single room is 1277.68 SEK (about 121,13€) / night breakfast incl, VAT 12% not incl. (1431 SEK, about 135,66€/night for a double room)
To book your room at the special rates please send an email by 15 April 2019 to the hotel at with reference: 61616

Event's fee: 1450,00 € (VAT excluded) for members excluded Belgium - 1754,50 € (VAT included) for Belgian members

Early bird fee (valid until 5 April 2019) : 1225,00 € (VAT excluded) for members excluded Belgium - 1482,25 € (VAT included) for Belgian members

The meeting registration fee covers the cost of meeting facilities, refreshments, visits, lunches and dinners.

Accompanying Partner's fee: 150,00 € (VAT excluded) for members excluded Belgium - 181,50 € (VAT included) for Belgian members. The accompanying partner's fee covers the visit of Volvo, the Welcome Dinner and the Conference Dinner, not the meeting.

We prefer payment by bank transfer. All delegates will receive confirmation letters, including an invoice.

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For any further information, please contact Ms. Carine Ternest at EIRMA.
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Names may be substituted at any time without charge.

Information concerning the invoicing, specific food requirements....


  • Ms Kristina Andersson (RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • Mr Jeffrey Baumgartner (
  • Dr Mark Been (Total)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Mr Nicolas Cudre-Mauroux (Solvay)
  • Dr Alessandro Curioni (IBM)
  • Mr Romain Delyfer (
  • Dr Léopold Demiddeleer (TechBridgeOne S.P.R.L)
  • Dr Johann Ferstl (Linde Gas & Engineering)
  • Dr Anna-Stiina Jääskeläinen (Kemira)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Mr Daniel Michel Judkiewicz (Independent)
  • Mr Thanos Kontopoulos (Air Liquide)
  • Dr Bernd Korves (Siemens)
  • Mr Chang-joo LEE (KOITA (Korea Industrial Technology Association))
  • Mr Mark Lostak (Air Liquide)
  • Dr Ernst Lutz (Grundfos)
  • Mr Changwhan Ma (KOITA (Korea Industrial Technology Association))
  • Mr Manuel Molina Vogelsang (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Mr Mathieu Mottrie (CREAX NV)
  • Mr Yuji Nishimori (JATES)
  • Ms Sofia Parreira (EIRMA)
  • Mr Paul Poupet (
  • Mr Gerard Robijn (FrieslandCampina)
  • Dr Heinrich Schäperkötter (Schaeffler Technologies)
  • Ms Monica Schofield (TuTech Innovation Gmbh)
  • Ms Carine Ternest (EIRMA)
  • Dr Arij van Berkel (Lux Research)
  • Dr Joachim von Heimburg (Independent)
  • Ms Amber Wigmore Alvarez (Highered EFMD Global Talent Network)
  • Dr Daniel Witthaut (Evonik Industries AG)


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