Getting Management Attention for IP: Idea Generation, IP Campaigns, Training, Incentives and Gamification for and of IP


“Getting Management Attention for IP: Idea Generation, IP Campaigns, Training, Incentives and Gamification for and of IP”

Webinar - 6 November 2018 12.30

The topic

Getting management attention for IP will be explained by a set of actions that range from idea generation, IP campaigns, IP training, incentives for IP to finally gamification of IP.

The webinar will cover experiences at thyssenkrupp (an international engineering conglomerate with 40 bn EU revenue, 150.000+ employees and 600 group companies in 80+ countries of the world):

  • Idea Generation: here we will discuss methods like idea harvesting, TRIZ workshops, workaround ideas, key buying factor IP workshops, generating IP for service businesses and industry 4.0/digitalization
  • IP Campaigns: activation of all employees in all functions will be described by setting up global campaigns in different media, prioritization of messages, targeting also specific groups beyond R&D
  • IP Training: here we will cover all kind of IP trainings from reading competitive patents and writing invention reports for engineers to IP strategy development and operative IP decision making for managers
  • Incentives for IP: in order to fulfill the requirement of giving an incentive for IP which is timely, globally somewhat unified, but also fulfilling German inventor remuneration law we will give an update how we are currently implementing such a system globally
  • Gamification of IP: here we will describe our Lego game in order to educate (management-) teams in creating inventions, writing invention reports, filing them, observing competitors IP and litigate IP cases, we conducted this game with various teams within and outside thyssenkrupp on all continents already

The speaker

Stephan Wolke is Head of Intellectual Property & Services, Corporate Function Technology, Innovation & Sustainability at ThyssenKrupp, an EIRMA member since 1972.

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  • Dr David Babayan (LafargeHolcim)
  • Dr Ralf Behnke (Umicore)
  • Dr Kathrin Berger (Stora Enso)
  • Mr Andreas Brumby (Umicore)
  • Mr Simon Carr (Crown Holdings, Inc)
  • Dr Helen Chapman (Syngenta)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Dr Rima Dapous (EIT RawMaterials GmbH)
  • Mr Beant Dijkstra (EIT RawMaterials GmbH)
  • Dr Olivier Françoisse (Lhoist)
  • Mr Roland Gauss (EIT RawMaterials GmbH)
  • Mr Peter Haas (IMEC iNTERNATIONAL)
  • Ms Velaja Hammer (Grundfos)
  • Mr Pouria Homayonifar (ABB)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Mr Milen Kourtev (SKF)
  • Dr Petr Krupansky (ComAp a.s.)
  • Dr Laurence Lamm (EIT RawMaterials GmbH)
  • Dr Kerstin Lischka (Umicore)
  • Dr Jim McCabe (ABB)
  • Ms Katrien Meuwis (IMEC iNTERNATIONAL)
  • Dr Cormac Neeson (Crown Holdings, Inc)
  • Dr Thoa Nguyen (Haldor Topsoe)
  • Mr Richard North (Rolls-Royce)
  • Mr Teemu Salinto (Stora Enso)
  • Dr Christian Schott (Melexis)
  • Mr Loek Steffanie (DSM)
  • Mr Akshay Thaman (Shell)
  • Ms Virpi Tognetty (Kemira)
  • Mr Christopher Tonk (Stora Enso)
  • Dr Wim Van Vooren (NV Bekaert SA)
  • Dr Stephan Wolke (Thyssen Krupp)


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