Knowledge Management and Human Behaviour

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Using the benefits of technology to drive behavioural change and avoiding the pitfalls.

Special Interest Group - Knowledge Management and Human Behaviour in a Digital World

SIG-III, 22 & 23 November 2012, Brussels, Belgium

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The growth of smart devices and advances in mobile communications allow us as individuals to interact with our virtual networks 24x7.  The distinction between our social and business interactions is becoming blurred, and we can no longer rely on physical constraints to establish the boundaries of our behaviour. We also have far less control over how our communications will be interpreted or used, so social comment may become business fact. Complexity, integration, speed and globalisation all mean that excellence in KM, including external sources, is going to be more crucial than ever before.
For organisations the very same technologies can be used to build and sustain virtual networks across the organisation, facilitating collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.  Encouraging the use of virtual networks reduces the need to relocate staff, and it makes it considerably easier for individuals to participate in multiple networks.

Issues addressed

  • How to build a relationship in a virtual world and interact with people in a digital world?
    How to persuade people to adopt this technology?
    How to discover the use of social networking technologies and provide insights for research and innovation?
    How are you communicating with the others? (using skype, tele-presence, etc.) What governance/ guidelines are useful in your company?
    How to explore technology scouting in a global environment with many relationships?
    How can new technologies help to manage Innovation fairs (internal/ external)? Discover how to use social networking technologies to provide insights for research and innovation

Target Audience

People from R&D Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management of Operations and Business Units as well as Managers and Team Leaders in a position to apply best knowledge management practices and initiatives in their organisations.


Mr. John Otten, Head Knowledge & Library Services Department, Tata Steel Group

To Register

PDF Full Programme and Registration Form available here.


 Please register before 19 November 2012


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  • Ms Ingrid Baele (Philips)
  • Mr Rémy Béguin (Independent)
  • Mr Philippe Borremans (Independent)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Mr Raymond Creemers (Lux Research)
  • Mr Vahagn Donabedian (Volvo)
  • Mr Nicolas Dubuc (Michelin)
  • Mr Peter Konings (VITO)
  • Ms Marielle Langerak (Philips)
  • Ms Teresa Loughbrough (Unilever)
  • Mr John Otten (Tata Steel)
  • Mr Martin Roulleaux-Dugage (Framatome (ex-Areva))
  • Ms Camille Roy (EIRMA)
  • Mr Mike Stoneham (Addept Computer Services Ltd )
  • Ms Carine Ternest (EIRMA)
  • Dr Joris Vandenhaute (Umicore)


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