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Nowadays it is common knowledge for everybody that innovative companies need a strong patent portfolio to protect their investments in the development of new technologies and future products which in turn form the base for increased competitiveness and sustainable growth of their business.

From Idea to Invention: The early phase of efficient IP value creation for your company

11 & 12 June 2015, Helsinki, Finland

Many companies incorporate in their global business strategy targets for the number of patent applications filed or patents granted per year. Also the necessity to align the patent filing strategy with, and to adapt the structure and content of the patent portfolio to the overall business, product and technology strategy is nowadays well understood by the management of these companies. 
But despite of this remarkable change in the mindset of management, there is in practice still one fundamental problem waiting for a suitable solution, namely how to stimulate, create and capture the ideas forming the base for all these valuable patent applications and patents that are aligned with the business strategy of the company.
A simple, but often forgotten truth is that without encouragement and time to think there will be no ideas, without ideas there will be no inventions, without inventions there will be no patent applications, and without patent applications there will be no granted patents.
This meeting will provide hands-on practises from different companies of various industrial sectors focussing on the early phase of the IP value creation process, addressing different ways on how to get those ideas on the table that the company needs for building up its wanted patent portfolio.
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In support to the presentations click here to see the ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap, 12th Edition 2014 PDF
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 Issues Addressed
  • How to identify and select ideas of value for the company? How to create substance in invention disclosures that is sufficient for a good patent application?
    How to assess patentability and potential scope of protection of a disclosed invention?
    How to avoid to kill an idea before it is completed and matured and its value for the company professionally assessed?
    How to create, in general terms speaking, better IP awareness in the business units of a company?
    Inventions in targeted areas, external proposals, hidden inventions that are not reported to the IP organisation of the company
    Improvement proposals reported to line management and bypassing the IP organisation.

Target Audience

R&D, innovation & intellectual asset managers and experts, IP managers, patent attorneys as well as business strategy, business development experts.


Dr. Werner Fröhling, Managing Director, Flooring Technologies Ltd. and Chief IP Counsel for the Swiss Krono Group

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  • Ms Ingrid Baele (Philips)
  • Dr Vera Bieller (BASF)
  • Mr Jean-Luc Cerdan (Electricite de France)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Dr Geert Defieuw (Umicore)
  • Ms Dominique Dessalle (Independent)
  • Dr Edgar Duschl (Schaeffler Technologies)
  • Dr Werner Fröhling (Flooring Technologies Ltd)
  • Dr E. Serdar Gokpinar (TUSAS-Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc.)
  • Mr Jukka Haapaniemi (Ahlstrom-Munksjö)
  • Ms Laure Hervé (Electricite de France)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Ms Anne Koski-Keto (Outotec)
  • Dr Jim McCabe (ABB)
  • Mr Felix Moser (Sulzer)
  • Mr Frazer Newbould (Unilever)
  • Mr Marek Novotny (ComAp a.s.)
  • Ms Maeve Oflynn (Shell)
  • Ms Camille Roy (EIRMA)
  • Ms Taina Saksa (VTT)
  • Dr Christian Schamper (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Mr Loek Steffanie (DSM)
  • Mr Hervé Suquet (Océ)
  • Ms Virpi Tognetty (Kemira)


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