Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management


Artificial Intelligence - a game changer in the development of new technologies and their protection by IP"

Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management

21&22 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is opening up to a whole new world of fascinating technologies which are going to change the way industry is doing business. What does that mean for the IP world and for patenting AI-based inventions in particular? 

This conference aims to tackle the challenges in drafting patent applications for invention on AI, by AI, using AI and to present general strategies for protecting AI-based inventions. Some companies are already active in this area, for instance in search, maintenance, image handling, classification or machine translation. What does this mean for the ones which are not yet active in this field? Are the first ones dictating the conditions of patenting in AI?

Further, we will address practical issues regarding the statutory rights of employed inventors in Germany [and certain other countries] and how companies, in particular those with global R&D teams, could take care of these rights within global incentive programs in order to reduce costly administration and to encourage their employees to create and report inventions that could strengthen the competitiveness of the company.

Issues addressed

  • What is the current situation on patenting AI?
  • What are the numerous challenges and opportunities that AI brings to patenting?
  • How is Artificial Intelligence patented at the European Patent Office?

Target Audience

AI leaders, R&D, innovation & intellectual asset managers and experts, IP and licensing managers, patent attorneys as well as business strategy, business development managers, production & Open Innovation managers. 


Werner Fröhling, Managing Director, Flooring Technologies Ltd. and Chief IP Counsel for the Swiss Krono Group


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