Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management


  New ways and Best practices to leverage Knowledge
How to help your teams to create, capture, share and capitalize Knowledge

Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management

23 & 24 May 2019, hosted by Michelin, Clermont-Ferrand, France


Companies have different ways to create, capture, capitalize and share knowledge: they can implement a new laboratory, work with startups, have deep interviews with customers, buy patents, use Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. This knowledge though must be passed on to your teams, to each relevant individual.

The aim of our workshop is to highlight the best ways to reduce the time for you to create and transmit knowledge to your team and for them to capture, capitalize and share again this new knowledge. Some examples we can name already are design thinking, solution design, live capturing, browsing (instead of just searching, searching provides you more results usually), AI with deep learning and automation.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to learn from experts and actively share your challenges, experiences and solutions in KM governance in carousel discussions.

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Issues addressed

  • What are the new ways to reduce time for your team to acquire new knowledge

  • How to use Artificial Intelligence in a proper way to extract knowledge from various internal and external sources (raw data, videos, documents, etc)?

  • How to make sure knowledge can be transmitted efficiently amongst and between your teams?

  • What are the latest ways to capitalize on your knowledge? 

  • What are the maturity stages and how to improve your existing capabilities system?

Target Audience

Knowledge Manager in R&D, Operations or Business Units;Innovation Manager; IT Manager.


Nicolas Dubuc, Chairman of the Special Interest Group on Knowlegde Management (SIG KM), Fellow for Technology Intelligence and Knowledge Management,  Michelin - Research Center (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

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  • Ms Anne Barbier Caron (Nestle)
  • Ms Carine Bardon (Michelin)
  • Mr Kévin Béchu (Michelin)
  • Mr Thomas N. Burg (Semantic Web Company GmbH)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Mr Emmanuel Custodero (Michelin)
  • Mr Kevin de Caluwé (CREAX NV)
  • Mr Jelle Demeulemeester (CREAX NV)
  • Ms Anne Dourgnon (Electricite de France)
  • Mr Nicolas Dubuc (Michelin)
  • Dr Olivier Françoisse (Lhoist)
  • Dr Vinciane Gaillard (European University Association)
  • Ms Cindy Hubert (APQC)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Mr Jean-Yves Lamant (ArcelorMittal)
  • Ms Adriana Lombardo (Pirelli)
  • Mr Hans-Peter Merkel (ABB)
  • Mr Davy Monticolo (Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France)
  • Dr Johannes Müller (Siemens)
  • Dr Violette Mulot (Air Liquide)
  • Mr Stéphane Pariente (Solvay)
  • Mr Robin Prieto (Michelin)
  • Ms Annamaria Riemer (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Ms Arupa Tesolin (Intuita)
  • Mr Thierry Villette (Essilor)
  • Mr Hans Visschers (Philips)
  • Dr Martin Wijsman (FrieslandCampina)


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