Workshop Open Innovation 2.0.


Next generation of Open Innovation

4 October 2016, hosted by SP, Stockholm, Sweden


The concept of Open Innovation (OI) has been defined almost 15 years ago now and EIRMA members have at several occasions debated on the best practices of multilateral innovation approaches as well as the boundaries of such an ecosystem. The question to address now is what’s next? What will be the next generation of OI? What’s Open Innovation 2.0.? 

The Open Innovation Toolbox 2.0 offers a wide range of disruptive technologies to use and exploit in order to solve sustainability and profitability. Besides, some companies have started putting IP into public domain to facilitate Open Innovation. This cultural shift from the « command and control » of the industrial age to the agile approaches seems to be necessary for OI2.0.


Issues addressed

  • What are the next elements changing the environment for collaborative innovation? What are the new types of collaboration?
    How to enable the non-linear, open and collaborative innovation processes? How to make the cultural shift to agile thinking and doing happen?
    How to balance outsourced innovation with corporate research protecting core value?
    Open Innovation Toolbox 2.0 - What new, creative channels and platforms for Open Innovation will we use in the future?
  •  How can we predict the opportunities and the future shape of Open Innovation?

Target Audience

R&D managers, Business Development Executives, Knowledge Managers, Innovation Managers, Research Strategy Leaders, R&D programme leaders, IP managers


Erik Ronne, Head of Open Innovation at SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut.
On 3 October evening participants will enjoy a presentation of "The Park", hub for SMEs in the Digital industry following by a networking dinner

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  • Mr Mikael Ahlström (Britny)
  • Dr Peter Alberius (RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • Mr Alexander Alvsilver (Vinnova)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Dr Stefaan De Bondt (NV Bekaert SA)
  • Mr Bart De Koning (Océ)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Prof Bengt Järrehult (Independent)
  • Mr Milan Kalinka (ComAp a.s.)
  • Dr Bernd Korves (Siemens)
  • Mr Milen Kourtev (SKF)
  • Dr Petr Krupansky (ComAp a.s.)
  • Dr Margaret McNamee (RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • Dr Poul Georg Moses (Haldor Topsoe)
  • Mr Niclas Nilsson (LEO Pharma A/S)
  • Ms Inka Orko (VTT)
  • Mr Erik Ronne (RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • Dr Kent Tano (LKAB)
  • Ms Adèle Tellez (Air Liquide)
  • Dr Arij van Berkel (Lux Research)
  • Dr Karolien Vasseur (Umicore)
  • Mr Maren Weiland (Evonik Industries AG)
  • Mr Jacob Westerlund (Sqore)


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