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eIQ: Profiting from Research and Development

eIQ, the EIRMA member magazine, provides news and insight into the world of business-oriented research and development and innovation and public policy developments that affect these activities. Longer features relate these developments to the work of the R&D manager and discuss the main issues faced by people who are active in this world. Each article provides links to more detailed information on the EIRMA website and elsewhere on the internet. eIQ began in 2004 as Innovation Quarterly, a print-based magazine for EIRMA members and changed into this e-Zine format in 2006, which ran until 2010

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Members can also access our EIRMA Insights, focused reports on the outcome of key EIRMA meetings including Special Interest Groups, here.

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A Day in the Life: how people are dealing with the main issues they face in their R&D management roles

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News Articles : archive of information affecting business R&D (2006 – 2010)