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As a Member-led organisation, the EIRMA two main instances are the Governing Board, to steer the association, and the Programme Planning Committee, to establish the programme of activities.

Governing Board

The EIRMA Governing Board is composed of elected representatives from among member companies’ Representatives and Alternates.

Board members serve two year terms of office, with the possibility for re-election.

The President shall be elected for a period of two years and is eligible for re-election for another two years. The election shall take place one year before the end of office of the serving President at the General Assembly accompanying the Annual Conference. The elected President serves as "President Elect" until he takes office as President when elected for the first two-year period. The retiring President serves as "Past President" during one year after leaving office. (Read more about the previous EIRMA Presidents)

Governing Board Members

The current Governing Board was elected at the General Assembly held in Gothenburg in May 2019:

  • President: Ernst Lutz, Group Executive Vice President, Business Development, Grundfos (Denmark)
  • Past President: Carlos Härtel, CEO, GE Germany & Austria, Director, GE Global Research (Germany)
  • Honorary President: Léopold Demiddeleer, Founder & Administrator of TechBridgeOne SPRL.Chairman of the Board of McPhy (Belgium)
  • Vice-President: Daniel Witthaut, Head of Corporate Innovation Strategy, Evonik (Germany)
  • Secretary General: Michel Crispi
  • Members: Gabriele Dobenecker, Head Empa Zukunftsfonds, Entrepreneurship & Industry Relations, EMPA (Switzerland)
  • Michael Gude, VP R&D Foodsolutions, Unilever (The Netherlands)
  • Olivier Letessier, R&D VP, Air Liquide (France)

Programme Planning Committee

The EIRMA Programme Planning Committee (PPC) is responsible for establishing the programme of activities, which currently consists of approximately 12 events per year.

The PPC members use their experience and insight to achieve a balanced yet topical thematic coverage that is relevant to the participants who are responsible for effective management of business-oriented R&D.

Programme Planning Committee Members

The Programme Planning Committee is composed of EIRMA experienced members with a strong understanding of Industrial R&D and Innovation:

  • Chairman: Chris Shilling, Innovation Agent, NewHowKnowHow (Temple Ewell, UK)
  • Members: Nicolas Dubuc, chairman of the Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management (SIG KM), Chief Knowledge and Technology Intelligence Officer, Michelin (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
  • Werner Fröhling, chairman of the Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management (SIG-IAM), Managing Director, Flooring Technologies Ltd., Chief IP Counsel for the Swiss Krono Group (Ricasoli, Kalkara, Malta)
  • Nicolas de Abajo, Head of ArcelorMittal Global R&D Centres
    ArcelorMittal (Granda-Gozon, Spain)
  • Anne Goldberg, New Innovation Platform Director, Solvay Campus (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Bernd Korves, Head of Visioning and Scouting, Siemens (Münich, Germany)
  • Michael Kröll, Vice President Portfolio Development, Evonik Creavis GmbH (Marl, Germany)
  • Mark Lostak, Deputy Vice-President Group R&D, Air Liquide (Jouy-en-Josas, France)
  • Norbert Luetke-Entrup, Head of Technology and Innovation Management, Corporate Technology, Siemens (Münich, Germany)
  • José Enrique Roman, Managing Director, Boeing Research & Technology Europe (Madrid, Spain)
  • Alejandro Sanz, Innovation excellence strategist. Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Monica Schofield, Director, International Cooperation & EU Office, TuTech Innovation GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)

PPC Operation Team

  • Michel Crispi, EIRMA Secretary General
  • Aurélie Jablonski, EIRMA Head of Programme and Members Relations 

The five key themes driving the programme are:  

  • 5 Key ThemesInnovation Processes
  • Human Capital and Knowledge Management
  • R&D Asset Management
  • Link to R&D Strategy and the Market
  • Public Framework for Innovation




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