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  • Membership Testimonial
    EIRMA aims to provide Best Practices and Networking on R&D and Innovation Management for its member companies. You can view what CTOs, R&D directors and senior R&D project managers think about EIRMA...
  • Membership Testimonial
    Eirma is a forum to exchange and discuss experiences and best practices in R&D management. A very open and friendly atmosphere.
  • EIRMA is really where I feel I can... exchange and share with my peers in Europe. It also forces me to reflect on Technology and Innovation topics that are important today but even more in tomorrow’s environment.
  • Successful innovation needs...
    ...openness for unusual ideas and partnerships. The CTO forum provides opportunities as it combines a cross-industry (cross value chain) approach and an interactive programme - both enabling innovation; that makes it attractive.
  • EIRMA is the best European network...
    ...for sharing best practices in R&D and Innovation. Its Specific Interest Groups offer the option to keep on learning and get connected to several sister
  • For me, EIRMA is the platform where...
    ...I can unwind and refuel. It provides the framework to exchange and benchmark the trends and expertise in Technology Management. We all sit in the same boat. But here we can define and align the direction we will be rowing.
Forthcoming Events
Recent events and Related Outcomes
18.05.2017Annual Conference 2017
Digitalisation: Friend or foe? Impact of digitalisation on European Industry and its R&D
20.04.2017From weak signals to big data analysis
Technology intelligence and knowledge acquisition to foster innovation
10.03.2017Building a World-Class Portfolio to raise a 2027 top R&D organisation
How to build an R&D organisation for the next decade in a volatile world?

  • 01.03.2017Melexis

    Melexis joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

  • 06.02.2017ERRIN/ERA Circulation of Knowledge

    EIRMA represented by Luc Chefneux (ArcelorMittal) participates to the workshop "The circulation of knowledge at the regional level – new thinking… " organized on 24 Novembr 2016 by ERRIN (European Region Research and Innovation Network)The final report is now available here

  • 09.01.2017"Why innovation? What challenges for Europe?" by Luc Chefneux

    Innovation is often presented as a sort of magic potion that must get our societies out of the doldrums. But do all people using this word have the same understanding? Are the advantages, risks and conditions for success known? Know more …..As «Alternate» of ArcelorMittal, Luc Chefneux is a very active member of EIRMA and more particularly of the  Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management.
    Luc Chefneux has now published the book “Pourquoi l'innovation ? Quels défis pour l'Europe ?”  (Why innovation? What challenges for Europe?) in the collection « L’Académie en poche » of the “Royal Academy of Belgium”. The English version of the book will be published in May 2017.Luc Chefneux is a physics engineer, doctor of applied sciences and graduate in economics and management from the University of Liège. He is currently Director in charge of partnerships and European affairs at R & D of the ArcelorMittal Group. He is also visiting professor at the University of Liège, administrator of the University of Lorraine and member of the Royal Academy of Belgium.To order the book in paper, ePub or PDF format click here

  • 12.12.2016SYNGENTA Crop Protecion AG

    SYNGENTA Crop Protecion AG joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

Share best practices of industrial R&D and innovation and enjoy the experience of networking with your peers across different industrial sectors all over Europe!

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The Practitioner's Guide to Industrial Innovation

The European Industrial Research Management Association has a special place in the innovation ecosystem. It acts as the key forum in which senior industrial research, development and innovation professionals share their current, practical experience and insights.

This Practitioner’s Guide to Industrial Innovation is based on discussions at EIRMA meetings, working groups, Special Interest Groups, Focus Groups, workshops, Representatives’ Round Tables, and Annual Conferences, as well as dialogues with the European Commission and other stakeholders.

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