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  • Membership Testimonial
    EIRMA aims to provide Best Practices and Networking on R&D and Innovation Management for its member companies. You can view what CTOs, R&D directors and senior R&D project managers think about EIRMA...
  • Membership Testimonial
    Eirma is a forum to exchange and discuss experiences and best practices in R&D management. A very open and friendly atmosphere.
  • EIRMA is really where I feel I can... exchange and share with my peers in Europe. It also forces me to reflect on Technology and Innovation topics that are important today but even more in tomorrow’s environment.
  • Successful innovation needs...
    ...openness for unusual ideas and partnerships. The CTO forum provides opportunities as it combines a cross-industry (cross value chain) approach and an interactive programme - both enabling innovation; that makes it attractive.
  • EIRMA is the best European network...
    ...for sharing best practices in R&D and Innovation. Its Specific Interest Groups offer the option to keep on learning and get connected to several sister
  • For me, EIRMA is the platform where...
    ...I can unwind and refuel. It provides the framework to exchange and benchmark the trends and expertise in Technology Management. We all sit in the same boat. But here we can define and align the direction we will be rowing.
Forthcoming Events
Recent events and Related Outcomes
13.10.2017Coping with COP – Practical steps to making the change in Industry the planet need
Workshop hosted by Unilever, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
15.09.2017Value Innovation Workshop
An interactive 1-day workshop using practical examples focused on the use of tools to translate customer and market insights into a robust R&D plan
29.06.2017Trade secret protection, data privacy protection and unitary patent
2018 will show some major changes in EU law that will affect IP

  • 18.10.2017Perrigo

    Perrigo joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

  • 12.10.2017Seeing the world through the ears......

    The body is a sense machine. We are about to unlock its full power.
    How humans perceive the world is stranger than you think.What if you could see with your ears?
    That’s not as crazy as it sounds.It is the challenge that Israeli researcher Amir Amedi has taken up, with European funding – and the result is an app for the blind that works on a smartphone.Using Amedi’s EyeMusic device, blind people can describe faces, read other people’s emotions, recognise body postures and detect colour.
    The interactive feature on Amedi’s research is available on ERC=Science²
    It is the first feature in a series of articles on the senses released in the coming weeks on ERC=Science².EIRMA is a partner of the project ERC=Science² a Europe-wide communications campaign which uses popular scientific themes such as ‘cities of the future’ and ‘food’ to tell stories about the breakthrough science funded by the European Research Council and the potential impact it can have on our lives.More information about ERC-Sciences², click here

  • 11.10.2017Congratulations!

    Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is winner of the EARTO Innovation Award 2017.

    The EARTO Innovation Award 2017 was awarded to  Fraunhofer -one of the EIRMA members-: during a ceremony held at the BELVue Museum in Brussels.

    Fraunhofer received the award in the Impact Expected category for the development of the CLEANTAN technology, an innovative production process using compressed CO2 to tan leather without using chromium as tanning agent and with no waste water.

  • 09.10.2017“Innovation: a fad or a new balance point?” by Michel Judkiewicz

    “We are in a transition period that sees the obsolescence of old models and the emergence of new paradigms.
    This period of "crisis" registers changes, some inevitable as exogenous and others that will be the result of our decisions.
    To tackle it, innovation will be a crucial but delicate weapon.
    The purpose is here to try defining, demystifying and structuring the concept of innovation in order to adopt a common language and to avoid the wrong and fuzzy interpretations that open the door to subjectivity since an innovative world implies not only the importance of  knowledge, but also of know-how, being and becoming."D. Michel Judkiewicz has now published the book “Innovation: a fad or a new balance point?” (in the collection «L’Académie en poche » of the “Royal Academy of Belgium”.
    D. Michel Judkiewicz is a Civil Engineer from the Free University of Brussels (ULB). Trained in management (Insead), prospective strategy, mediation, non-violent communication, etc., he has worked internationally in industry and consultancy, in multinationals and SMEs.
    Past-Secretary-General EIRMA ( he is Managing director of Silver-Brains sprl (consultancy), visiting professor (ULB, ULg, Management Center Europe) and director of various companies and non-profit organizations.The French version of the book "Innovation : effet de mode ou nouvel équilibre ?” can be ordered in paper, ePub or PDF format, click here

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This Practitioner’s Guide to Industrial Innovation is based on discussions at EIRMA meetings, working groups, Special Interest Groups, Focus Groups, workshops, Representatives’ Round Tables, and Annual Conferences, as well as dialogues with the European Commission and other stakeholders.

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