Legal and Privacy

Legal and privacy

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EIRMA aims to enhance European business performance and competitiveness by fostering high standards for the management of innovation and R&D.

The main vehicle for this is the network of contacts that exists among our members, who trust that what they say to each other will not be quoted without permission.

A condition of membership and participation is that everyone undertakes to maintain this trust while operating within the established parameters of good governance and competition laws.

Our activities are governed by our PDF Statute and Internal Regulations and follow what is often referred to as the Chatham House Rule. Participants can apply what they learn at meetings and from our publications and web sites but agree not to reveal the identity or the affiliation of speakers and participants.

Policies regarding our activities in respect of competition laws ("Anti-Trust") are set out in a PDF statement by the EIRMA Governing Board. EIRMA plays no role in the competitive decisions of its members, their affiliates or business partners, nor acts in any way to restrict competition. Members and their delegates are required to comply with competition law at all times and to conduct any activity related to EIRMA in accordance with such law. The rules of membership neither exclude competitors from taking part on equal terms, nor restrict members in their commercial dealings with each other or with non-members. Furthermore, EIRMA provides no services that give direct financial benefit, directs no expenditures towards favoured partners and has no involvement in decisions concerning the distribution of public funds.

The internet domains, and (referred to as the "EIRMA web site") are owned and operated by EIRMA and used to convey information, including to and among members. Such information is typically copyright (c) EIRMA and marked as such, or the copyright of member or other organisations and provided as a service to EIRMA members. You are responsible for obeying all applicable copyright laws. You are permitted to make copies of material and to print documents as necessary for reasonable personal use, including your professional activities within or among member organisations. However, material shall not be reprinted or used as the basis for external publications without the prior permission of the relevant copyright holder.

Some parts of the EIRMA web site support services such as community discussion forums (eg EIRMA Connect) or the sharing of professional information. These services are by their nature "open" and require some ground rules in order to function successfully and so that we can be confident that communications are relevant and useful. It is your responsibility to ensure that any material that you add to the EIRMA web site is accurate, follows acceptable standards of decency and legality and will not be regarded as offensive and / or defamatory. Please do not use these services to send advertising material to other members, or cold call members, for example about products, services or jobs.

If you have any comments or feel these guidelines are being broken, please use the feedback section to contact us. Individuals found to be wilfully breaking the code of conduct will have their rights to access the relevant services withdrawn.

Personal Information

The EIRMA Operations Team keeps those records of personal and company information that are necessary for the Association to fulfil its duties. Collection and use of these data are governed by directives of the European Parliament as well as by national legislation of member states of the European Union. We adhere to these principles and the Secretary General is responsible for internal supervision of privacy policies and data security. Such data are never sold but on occasion may be used for purposes of collaboration in important public initiatives. Any personal data that is provided to member organisations and their delegates, for example via this web-site and in printed media, is made available under conditions of continued privacy and confidentiality. Personal information will not be used for other purposes without permission.

We send email and paper announcements to people working in member and similar organisations in order to keep you informed of developments and our forthcoming activities. There is a general assumption that, by joining EIRMA, the member agrees that its employees will receive this material from us and, within reason, from other members. This web site provides the means to opt in and out of our electronic mailing lists by editing your profile.

PDF EIRMA Privacy Statement


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