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In this section you can find news and announcements of different types:

  • Latest members to join EIRMA
  • Awards won by our members
  • Special events among member companies
  • Events from other organisations on R&D and Innovation
  • Specific projects from members

01.03.2017 Melexis

Melexis joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

06.02.2017 ERRIN/ERA Circulation of Knowledge

EIRMA represented by Luc Chefneux (ArcelorMittal) participates to the workshop "The circulation of knowledge at the regional level – new thinking… " organized on 24 Novembr 2016 by ERRIN (European Region Research and Innovation Network)The final report is now available here

09.01.2017 "Why innovation? What challenges for Europe?" by Luc Chefneux

Innovation is often presented as a sort of magic potion that must get our societies out of the doldrums. But do all people using this word have the same understanding? Are the advantages, risks and conditions for success known? Know more …..As «Alternate» of ArcelorMittal, Luc Chefneux is a very active member of EIRMA and more particularly of the  Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management.
Luc Chefneux has now published the book “Pourquoi l'innovation ? Quels défis pour l'Europe ?”  (Why innovation? What challenges for Europe?) in the collection « L’Académie en poche » of the “Royal Academy of Belgium”. The English version of the book will be published in May 2017.Luc Chefneux is a physics engineer, doctor of applied sciences and graduate in economics and management from the University of Liège. He is currently Director in charge of partnerships and European affairs at R & D of the ArcelorMittal Group. He is also visiting professor at the University of Liège, administrator of the University of Lorraine and member of the Royal Academy of Belgium.To order the book in paper, ePub or PDF format click here

12.12.2016 SYNGENTA Crop Protecion AG

SYNGENTA Crop Protecion AG joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

27.10.2016 The European CTO of the Year 2016 is awarded!

Ian Roberts, CTO of Bühler AG and Michael Thiel, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of Nanoscribe have been awarded with the title European CTO of the Year 2016 in their respective categories: large corporations and SMEs.

The awards ceremony took place during the
CTO Forum 2016 hosted bt Evonik Creavis GmbH, Marl, Germany on 27 October 2016.

From left to right: Carlos Härtel (EIRMA President), Michael Thiel (Nanoscribe), Ian Roberts (Bühler AG) and Pekka Koponen (Spinverse Oy)

10.10.2016 GRUNDFOS Holding A/S

GRUNDFOS Holding A/S joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

15.08.2016 Global Innovation Index (GII) 2016 is released

Released by WIPO, Cornell University and INSEAD the GII 2016 measures and ranks the innovation performance of about 130 economies worldwide.
Know more:

11.08.2016 Training on Innovation Culture

D. Michel Judkiewicz (former EIRMA Secretary General) and Michel Chalude developed the training "Innovation – P=L.M.C".Developed for the people in charge of innovation, the P=LMC® model offers a comprehensive approach of how any human system functions (a person, a conversation, a team or a company). It illustrates the continuous development of performance; it stresses the dynamics to be privileged at any given moment and it reveals the mechanisms responsible for resistance to change.PDF More information about the approachContact: D. Michel Judkiewicz (Cell phone : +32 475 827 190)

15.07.2016 Innovation Deals for a Circular Economy

The European Commission has launched a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the pilot phase of the Innovation Deals for a Circular Economy.More information on

19.05.2016 The European CTO of the Year Award 2016 is launched!

Last week, EIRMA and Spinverse together launched the European CTO of the Year 2016 Award, more info.........CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the Year Award is a platform to promote the importance of technology and innovation in Europe. The award is given to the most prominent technology leaders of highly successful European companies: persons, who are inspiring leaders and foresighted technology managers. The award recognises the most successful technology leaders in two categorieslarge companies and SMEs .

The Award Ceremony of the  “European CTO of the Year 2016” will take place at EVONIK in Marl (Düsseldorf), Germany at the end of the EIRMA CTO Forum on October 27th, 2016.

As EIRMA members you can nominate your candidate to be the European CTO of the Year 2016,

Nomination of the candidates is open until September 23th, 2016
To nominate your candidate, click here.

Winners of the CTO of the Year Europe 2015 were:
- Large companies: Prof. Martin Curley, Intel Corporation (EIRMA member) and Dr. Marcel Wubbolts, Royal DSM (EIRMA member)
SMEs: Jonathan O'Halloran, QuantuMDx

For more information, click here

03.05.2016 Saule Technologies

Saule Technologies joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

25.04.2016 Elkem – Bluestar Silicones

Elkem – Bluestar Silicones joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

21.04.2016 Carmeuse Coordination Center SA

Carmeuse SA  joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

19.04.2016 Biotronik AG

Biotronik AG joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

10.04.2016 ProTer srl

ProTer srl joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

01.04.2016 Intel Research & Development

Intel Research & Development joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

01.01.2016 EITRawMaterials GmbH

EITRawMaterials GmbH joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

15.12.2015 HEKATE project is coming to its end!

After two years of intense work the HEKATE project has now been finished.The public final report  is now available, click hereSome of our participants will continue working together on their business ideas (they did not know each other before HEKATE) and hopefully we will be able to tell some success stories in one or two years.Visit regularly the EIRMA and the HEKATE websites again for upcoming news.

16.10.2015 The European CTO of the Year 2015 is awarded!

Martin Curley of Intel Corporation, Marcel Wubbolts of Royal DSM (both representing large companies) and Jonathan O’Halloran of QuantuMDx(representing SMEs) were awarded as CTO of the Year Europe 2015. The award ceremony took place at SKF Research Center (Utrecht, Netherlands) at the end of the EIRMA CTO meeting of 15 October 2015.The winners and the jury members. From left to right: Carlos Härtel (EIRMA President), Pekka Koponen (Spinverse Oy), Jonathan O'Halloran (QuantuMDx); Marcel Wubbolts (Royal DSM), Martin Curley (Intel Corporation), Gabrielle Dobenecker (Empa), Léopold Demiddeleer (EIRMA Honorary President).

14.10.2015 Congratulations!

TNO is the winner of the 2015 EARTO Innovation the "Impact Delivered" category.The Prize is awarded for the development of 7XE EXTRACTOR, an innovative welding torch that extracts fumes reducing the welder’s exposure by at least 90%.The 2015 EARTO Innovation Prize was held on 14 October 2015 at the prestigious BelVue Museum, next to the Royal Palace in Brussels. This year, the structure had been reviewed in order to present a wider range of RTOs’ work by creating two categories: “Impact Delivered” and “Impact Expected”. European Commissioner for Research, Science & Innovation Carlos Moedas addressed the keynote speech and handled the prize to the winners.In the Impact Expected category, CEA received the 1st Prize for the development of NAWACap, a new generation of ultra-fast carbon batteries that can be recharged in a few seconds, for a million of cycles.More about those innovations and other finalists in the 2015 EARTO Innovation Awards, click here

01.10.2015 ASCO Industries NV/SA

ASCO Industries NV/SA joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

28.09.2015 The platform "Industry- Higher Education Institutes" is Launched!

Experienced R&D managers can be inspirational for students and researchers to engage in business creation.Join the memtors community through the EIRMA "Industry-Higher Education Institutes platform". More...

15.09.2015 KONE Corporation

KONE Corporation joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

26.06.2015 Horizon 2020 - The insider’s guide

Reports and analysis of Europe’s biggest R&D programme, by staff and members of the Science|Business Network.
To succeed at Horizon 2020, you need a good road map – not just for the fundamentals of applying for grants, but to the many policy and political nuances you need to know. The Science|Business ‘insider’s guide’ provides useful insights and tips to help increase your odds of success.Horizon 2020 The insider’s guide 

07.05.2015 World Corporate Top R&D Investors: Innovation and IP Bundles

The innovation strategies of the world’s leading corporate R&D investors. Published by the OECD and the European Commission, this report presents original data and statistics on the innovation output of the world's top 2000 corporate R&D investors – supporting the development of evidence-based research and innovation policies.More than two thirds of business sector R&D is done by a relatively small number of innovators, often large multinational corporations which also account for a significant proportion of patents and trademarks. What global strategies do companies use for knowledge development and exploitation? Which industries account for the most patents? What does the geography of patenting tell us about the specialisation of different economies?

05.05.2015 The European CTO of the Year Award is launched!

Last week, EIRMA and Spinverse together launched the European CTO of the Year 2015 Award, more info.........CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the Year Award is a platform to promote the importance of technology and innovation in Europe. The award is given to the most prominent technology leaders of highly successful European companies: persons, who are inspiring leaders and foresighted technology managers. The award recognises the most successful technology leaders in two categories: SMEs and large companies.

The Award Ceremony of the  “European CTO of the Year 2015” will take place at SKF in Utrecht, Netherlands at the end of the EIRMA CTO meeting of October 15th, 2015.

As EIRMA members you can nominate your candidate to be the European CTO of the Year 2015,

Nomination of the candidates is open until September 18th, 2015
To nominate your candidate, click here.

Winners of the CTO of the Year Europe 2014 were:
- Large companies: Prof. Richard Parker, Rolls-Royce plc (EIRMA member)
- SMEs: Dr. Gert-Jan Gruter, Avantium

For more information, click here  

24.04.2015 Corporate venturing: managing the innovation family in a dynamic world

Corina Kuiper and Fred van Ommen, both EIRMA individual members, published a book, Corporate Venturing, managing the innovation familyManaging Innovation Family Cover Corporate Venturing almost sounds like a contradictio in terminis. Can Colossal, slow and inflexible dinosaurs live and work together with small, agile and entrepreunarial ventures? In this book Corina Kuiper and Fred van Ommen describe why and how Corporates can successfully use venturing to create new business that is crucial for their ling term survival. Corporate Venturing should be regarded as part of the company's innovation family, where babies and teenagers are the new business initiatives and the parents and grandparents represent the established business. The book is an 'essential reference for anyone interested in corporate venturing. It is full of helpful insights, and is illustrated with loads of great examples', according to Henry Chesbrough, professor at UC Berkeley and author of Open Innovation. Available on information on the innovation family on

19.03.2015 IMEC International

IMEC International joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

06.01.2015 Corning SAS

Corning SAS joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

15.10.2014 ComAp A.S.

ComAp A.S. joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

17.09.2014 Congratulations!

Anne-Christine Ayed, member of the EIRMA Governing Board, is recognized for her commitment in sustainability

Anne-Christine Ayed, VP Research&Innovation at Tarkett, won the “2014 female sustainable development prize” at the “Trophée des Femmes de l’Industrie” ceremony held in Paris, France, on September 17. Organized by the print and online magazine “L’Usine Nouvelle” for the 3rd time, this prestigious contest draws attention to the female entrepreneurs, researchers and engineers. Their career paths show that they can take up challenges and that they have more and more responsibilities.

At Tarkett, Anne-Christine Ayed is in charge of Research, Innovation and Environment. Her main mission is to contribute to people’s health and environmental protection. Under her impulse, Tarkett has realized several major eco-innovations during the past four years, such as lowering the VOC level of its vinyl range to 10 to 100 times below the strictest standards in the world as well as developing new vinyl ranges that are based on phthalate free plasticizers.

24.08.2014 Launch of the first European CTO award!

EIRMA and Spinverse have together launched the first European CTO of the Year Award, to highlight the role of the most prominent leaders of technology-based growth, promoting innovations to renew European industry and to foster competitive advantage.The Award Ceremony of the first “European CTO of the Year” will take place at the Philips Museum (Eindhoven, Netherlands)  at the end of the EIRMA CTO meeting of 9 October 2014.As EIRMA member you can nominate your candidate to be the European CTO of the Year 2014,To nominate your candidate, click here.

12.06.2014 Welcome to the EuroScientist special ESOF 2014 issue!

In this special issue of the EuroScientist,is a selection of  a series of themes These are key issues where renewed discussions are essential to further the debate. More

12.06.2014 EIRMA is member of FAIB!

FAIB, "Federation of European and International Associations", established in Brussels will enable EIRMA Operations Team to network among similar international associations. More info click here

10.04.2014 Schaeffler Technologies

Schaeffler Technologies joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

03.04.2014 Nitto Europe NV

Nitto Europe NV joined EIRMA! We wish them a warm welcome on behalf of all members.Learn more about Nitto Europe NV here

22.01.2014 Allnex

Allnex joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

16.01.2014 Pharma Diagnostics NV

Pharma Diagnostics NV joined EIRMA! We wish them a warm welcome on behalf of all members.Learn more about Pharma Diagnostics NV here

19.12.2013 Call-for Papers on Cross-Organizational Value Creation

From the 2nd to 4th of June 2014 the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) organize the 13th Science-to-Business Marketing Conference on Cross-Organizational Value Creation. This three day conference, taking place in Winterhur (Zurich), Switzerland, bring together thought-leaders adn experts from research and innovain sector. They are looking for speakers! More information here

04.12.2013 Congratulations

VTT and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are winners of the 2013 EARTO Innovation Prize.

The 2013 EARTO Innovation Prize was awarded at a special ceremony at the outstanding Vaudeville Theatre, in Brussels. Professor Anne Glover, Scientific Adviser to José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, addressed the keynote speech and handled the prize to the winners.

The first prize went to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for its innovative allergy vaccines technology, an excellent illustration of how RTOs contribute to tackling grand societal challenges.

Two other innovations were highly commended by the Jury: in Switzerland the CSEM’s silicon micro-components developed together with Swiss Manufacturers of luxury and high-end watches and in Germany the ePuzzler technology developed by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

Videos of the winners, click here

Photos of the event, click here

28.11.2013 SWAROVSKI

Swarovski joined EIRMA!Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members! 

19.11.2013 Two new EIRMA board members

On Thursday 24 October 2013, two new members have joined the EIRMA Governing Board: Dr Anne-Christine Ayed and Dr Ernst Lutz. Congratulations and a warm welcome to both of them!

Anne Christine Ayed       Ernst Lutz

Dr Anne-Christine Ayed and Dr Ernst Lutz


Anne-Christine Ayed spent all of her career in the field of Innovation and R&D. She spent 15 years with Dow Chemical where she held several R&D and business development leadership positions in Switzerland, Germany and USA. In 2004, she joined DBApparel, in Paris, a global branded apparel company where she was Research and Innovation Director and member of the group executive committee. She joined Tarkett in September 2009 as Group Research & Innovation Vice President. She took additional responsibilities in environmental matters and became a member of Tarkett Executive Committee in December 2010.  She is a plastic engineer (EAHP) and holds a Ph.D in Macromolecular Physical Chemistry from the University of Strasbourg.

A word from Anne-Christine about EIRMA:

“EIRMA is really where I feel I can best exchange and share with my peers in Europe.  It also forces me to reflect on Technology and Innovation topics that are important today but even more in tomorrow’s environment.”


The second new Governing Board member is Dr Ernst Lutz. He completed his studies with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from ETH in Zurich and a PhD from Virginia Tech in the area of Mechanics of Composite Materials. He started his career as design engineer at the Alusuisse Research Center in Switzerland in 1995. Later on he took over various positions in Innovation and Technology Management within Alcan, which led him across the world, with stations in Japan, China, Canada and Europe. In 2011 he returned to Switzerland to join Sulzer as CTO. Ernst has extensive experience in managing R&D within a global setup and holds a visiting Professorship at Shanghai JiaoTong University for Technology Management.

A word from Ernst about EIRMA:

“For me, EIRMA is the platform where I can unwind and refuel. It provides the framework to exchange and benchmark the trends and expertise in Technology Management. We all sit in the same boat. But here we can define and align the direction we will be rowing.” 

05.11.2013 “Too good” to succeed? Why not just try “good enough”!

brought out a new publication, a critical look at the existing practices of innovation management.This publication follows his talk on "frugal innovation" at EIRMA Annual Meeting in Warsaw,For example, it wonders why high-tech, German companies are facing a curious problem: their products are reportedly “too good” for the expanding global markets.

A new paper by Rajnish Tiwari and Cornelius Herstatt with the title >> “Too good” to succeed? Why not just try “good enough”! Some deliberations on the prospects of frugal innovations << (Working Paper No. 76, TIM/TUHH) High-tech, German companies...

23.10.2013 Deere & Company

 Deere &  Company joined EIRMA! We wish them a warm welcome on behalf of all members.Learn more about Deere&Company here:

01.10.2013 EIRMA congratulates former Secretary General

   K.-H. Standke, former Secretary General of EIRMA, has been named  'Chevalier’ of the Legion of Honour by President Francois Hollande of France. Klaus-H. Standke (second from left) with four Presidents of EIRMA): H.B.G.Casimir (Philips), B.Delapalme (ELF), W.R. Arrol (Jos.Lucas) and J.Rutschmann (Sandoz) was Secretary General of EIRMA from 1969 to 1974.Even after his departure from EIRMA Klaus-H. Standke has kept close contact with the Association and has addressed a number of Annual Conferences. He has chaired in 2004 in Krakow (Poland) the joint EIRMA/Technology Partners Conference “The Environment for Industrial Research and Technology Transfer in Eastern Europe”

06.06.2013 EIRMA has a new President

On June 6 in Warsaw, Léopold Demiddeleer hands over the Presidency of EIRMA to Carlos Härtel.

21.05.2013 W-FIRA Act of Establishment

EIRMA together with its "sisters organisations" signed in Washington D.C. on 21 May 2013 the Constitution Act of W-FIRA, the World Federation of Industrial Research Associations.W-FIRA is the first organization of its type. Its mission is to increase and develop cooperation on a global scale to further the leadership of technological innovation throughout the world.

21.05.2013 EIRMA sisters organisations and W-FIRA

ANPEI 30th Anniversary, 28&29 April 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil

ANPEI, the Brazilian equivalent to EIRMA, celebrated its 30th anniversary this April in Sao Paulo and the whole W-FIRA (Korea, Japan, Australia, Europe, with the exception of the US) was present.As ANPEI started its first real Annual conference 14 years ago with a few "members of the club", they now reached out to about 2000 R&D people in industry, academic, research centers, governmental agencies and the likes. Roughly 1500 people attended this 2 day event with a few main sessions and a number of parallel sessions, most with real time interpretation (Portuguese - English) in one of Sao Paulo's main exhibition centres.The theme was "Modelos de negocios competitivos", meaning that we all share the same concerns.Communication Apps, Twitter interventions and much more shows that Brazil has definitely entered the knowledge society.The choice of keynote speakers was eclectic (Victor Hwang, executive director of T2 venture creation, from Silicon Valley, Nancy Tennant, vice-president innovation at Whirlpool, etc...and of course the W-Fira members: Leonie Walsh for Australasia, Ieehwan Kim for Korea, Yoshiaki Nakamura for Japan, and Eirma's secretary general, Michel Judkiewicz).The debate of the W-Fira attracted a lot of interest as one of the issues in Brazil is a somewhat historical autarcic development, partly due to the limited amount of people speaking a foreign language and English particularly.A great networking event for all our W-Fira associations around the world with all participants happy and an additional boost to that World Federation of Industrial Research Associations, created a year ago in Washington. WFIRA at ANPEI 30th AnniversaryNB: all the yellow T-shirts are prototypes for the Football World Cup and wear the number 10.The tall person without a T-shirt is the former president of Anpei, Dr Carlos Calmanovici, stepping down after 4 years and R&D executive at Odebrecht group. He is being replaced by Dr Gerson Pinto, vice-president of research at Natura.The white hair person, second from the left, is Dr H. Kvatinsky, Director of Intellectual Property at Orbotech. 

W-FIRA Act of Establishment

 WFIRA Signature

EIRMA together with its "sisters organisations" signed in Washington D.C. on 21 May 2013 the Constitution Act of W-FIRA, the World Federation of Industrial Research Associations.Initiated by EIRMA, W-FIRA is the first organization of its type. Its mission is to increase and develop cooperation on a global scale to further the leadership of technological innovation throughout the world. 

EIRMA sisters organisations of the World Federation of Industrial Research Association (W-FIRA) 


10.04.2013 Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI)

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. joined EIRMA! Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members!

09.04.2013 H.J. Heinz Supply Chain Europe B.V.

H.J. Heinz Supply Chain Europe B.V. joined EIRMA! We wish them a warm welcome on behalf of all members.

26.03.2013 R&D and Innovation : State of the European Union

EIRMA has received from EU- DG Research and Innovation the Innovation Union Scoreboard and the 2012 State of the Innovation Union report presented on March 26, 2013 by Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn presented today, together with Vice-President Tajani.As member of EIRMA you can find the text clicking on the links:SPEECH - Innovation Union Scoreboard 2013 

State of the Innovation Union 2012 Innovation Union Scoreboard 



13.03.2013 "Carte blanche" of D.M. Judkiewicz in L'Echo

Our General Secretary, D.M. Judkiewicz, has published a "carte blanche" in the newspaper L'Echo on the subject "Science, services and alibis of the innovation".Find the article clicking here

05.03.2013 Takeda GmbH

Takeda GmbH joined EIRMA! We wish them a warm welcome on behalf of all members.

28.02.2013 OECD work on environment 2013-2014

The OECD has issued a brochure summarizing its on-going and planned work on environment for 2013-2014. covering the following work areas:
  • New approaches to Economic Challenges
    Peer reviews, indicators and outlooks
    Climate change
    Environmental policy tools and evaluation
    Resource productivity and waste
    Sectoral policies 
    Safety of chemicals, pesticides, biotechnology and nanomaterials 
    Green Growth
    Environment in the global economy
 To access the brochure, please click here 

25.02.2013 EIRMA’S Insights in 2012

Synthesis of last year's activitiesAdvice, experience and insights from leading R&D practitioners gathered at EIRMA meetings in 2012 are now available here

11.02.2013 EPO "East meets West 2013" 18-19 April 2013

15.01.2013 Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

Empa joined EIRMA! Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members! Empa  



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01.10.2012 Flooring Technologies Ltd

Flooring Technologies Ltd joined EIRMA! We wish them a warm welcome on behalf of all members.

20.09.2012 Ingolstadt University

We are pleased to inform that Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences has decided to join EIRMA.

20.07.2012 COOLTECH

COOLTECH Applications joined EIRMA! 
Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members! COOLTECH

16.07.2012 D'Appolonia S.p.A.

D'Appolonia S.p.A. joined EIRMA! We wish them a warm welcome on behalf of all members.

12.07.2012 IP Advanced Workshops

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Advanced Workshop on Domain Name Dispute Resolution and WIPO Arbitration Workshop 2012

WIPO Advanced Workshops

EIRMA believes that these events may be of interest to its members, and based on our prior contact, WIPO Center is pleased to offer reduced registration fees as detailed below.

WIPO Arbitration Workshop
October 18-19, 2012

The purpose this Workshop is to provide intensive basic training of a practical nature for party representatives in arbitration and for arbitrators. The training, which will be conducted by eminent international arbitrators, will focus on the main principles of international commercial arbitration law and practice, with particular reference to the practical application of the WIPO Arbitration and Expedited Arbitration Rules in intellectual property and technology disputes. The arbitration rules of other arbitration institutions will also be referred to for purposes of comparison. For more information, please see:

WIPO Advanced Workshop on Domain Name Dispute Resolution
October 23-24, 2012
Geneva, Switzerland

A principal theme of this year’s Workshop is the precedent summarized in the WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions, Second Edition (WIPO Overview 2.0).  The program will also explore the new dispute resolution mechanisms that will accompany the upcoming introduction by ICANN of large numbers of new top level domains. For more information, please see: 

Reduced Fees

As noted, the WIPO Center would be pleased to reduce the fee for members of EIRMA for the Domain Name Workshop or the WIPO Arbitration Workshop to CHF 1000 (instead of CHF 1,400), or SGD 1,500 (instead of SGD 2,000) for payments in Singapore dollars

To register

Email to: [email protected]
Workshops registration forms: the special fees mentioned above and settle the fee by bank transfer.  

15.03.2012 Friesland Campina

Friesland Campina joined EIRMA! Welcome to our new comer on behalf of all members! Friesland Campina



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09.03.2012 Working Group: KPIs on IP Management

Join the IP Benchmarking Database Project of the EIRMA Special Interest Group on IP ManagementThe working group has established a project with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) to compare firms internal metrics with industry-level key performance indicators (KPIs).If you are interested in joining this IP Management Project, please contact the project manager before 15 March 2012.

The Project

One challenge facing every innovative company is that of finding a way to gauge the performance levels of its internal innovation practices and processes.For this reason, EIRMA, the EPFL, and the Innovation Strategy Center have joined in an effort to establish the EIRMA Innovation Practices Benchmarking Database Project.The project goal is to provide participating EIRMA members with an additional tool with which to optimize their innovation practices to reflect the relative efficiency of performance.This project promises a highly secure and confidential method whereby data from various stages of the innovation process can be gathered such that participating firms can compare their internal metrics with industry-level key performance indicators (KPIs).


The potential benefits of the Innovation Practices Benchmarking Database are both strong and unique:
  • the only database project that provides KPIs based upon confidential internal data
  • establish industry-level KPIs
  • metrics can be established for various stage-gate activities or markers without revealing methods
  • benchmark own practices to those of the industry standard without falling into the trap of comparing to a single actor

Expected Contribution

  • Each company will contribute to the database with their own KPIs and performance measures
  • The participating firms will meet three times per year
  • Financial contribution to the project (see project manager)
This project is only available to EIRMA Members

How to Join the Project?

Contact the Chairman of the Working Group:
Dr. Beat MOLLET, IP Manager at Nestlé Research Center
or Ms. Camille ROY, Programme & Members Relations Manager at EIRMA
Before 15 March 2012

08.03.2012 Lux Research

We are pleased to welcome Lux Research as a new member of EIRMA! We wish them a warm welcome on behalf of all members. 

Lux Research, New Member



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09.01.2012 European Research Council looking for ERC Selection Panel Members

The European Research Council (ERC) is looking for EIRMA Members to join the ERC Selection Panel.

ERC aims at stimulating investigator-initiated frontier research across all fields of research, on the basis of excellence.   To assess the projects, panel members evaluate the excellence of the submissions of individual teams.   Panel members should have a strong scientific expertise/excellence, as well as, generalist competence and be open to interdisciplinary approaches.

The Panels of each grant are grouped into three disciplinary domains that cover the entire spectrum of science, engineering and scholarship:
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (SH)
  • Life Sciences (LS)
  • Physical and Engineering Sciences (PE)
To join an ERC Panel, please contact Mr Michel Judkiewicz, Secretary General at EIRMA.

Find out more on:

15.12.2011 2012 EIRMA Programme of Activities

We are proud to present the annual programme of activities for the coming year.

As a member-led association, the programme for 2012 has been designed by the members of EIRMA to tackle the innovation challenges R&D Managers are facing today.

The best way to benefit from EIRMA is to take part to the networking and knowledge sharing among members at the round-tables, conferences, outreach activities...

Have a look at the programme and save the dates of the Round-Tables and Meetings you or your colleagues should attend.
Fell free to spread this information around: all employees of a member company are allowed to join the EIRMA Meetings, and there are about 120 member companies!

We hope to welcome you soon to an EIRMA Event and wish you a very innovative year with EIRMA!
PDF Download the 2012 EIRMA Programme2012

07.12.2011 European Academia to Industry Forum

Debates, discussions, exhibition and social events will be organised to represent changes and new opportunities of innovation in a new industry and academia context at the European Academia to Industry Forum wich will take place on 7th December 2011 at the European Parliament in Brussels.The Forum is being held during Polish Presidency of the European Council 2011 and organised by the EIRMA Member EIT+.It is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

The Forum will be co-chaired by


Registration and Information


Wroclaw Research Center EIT+ is a member of EIRMA.During the Polish Presidency of the European Council, they take an active role in organising Industry and Innovation related events, such as the European Academia to Industry Forum and the European Research Infrastructures for Innovation and Development Forum.

01.12.2011 ERIFID Forum

The European Research Infrastructures for Innovation and Development Forum will take place in Brussels from 1 to 8 December 2011.

The EIRMA member Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ will take this opportunity to organise a series of events that will take place both in the European Parliament as well as in Wroclaw, Poland.PDF Programme of the ERIFID conference

The aim of these events is to discuss and exchange experiences on management and operations model of large R&D projects, as well as to discuss on European and World's research infrastructure for innovation & development progress.

More information on Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ and EIRFID Conference

08.11.2011 European Gender Summit

The European Gender Summit 2011 will take place on 8 and 9 November 2011 in Brussels.More information available at or PDF here.

For the first time, this Summit will bring together key stakeholders from research, industry, innovation management and policy to discuss how European innovation and research systems can benefit from more effective mainstreaming of the gender dimension. Projects, organisations and companies are invited to present their initiatives and contribute to the shaping of future models for research and innovation. Link to registration & project submission.

The Summit discussions will feed into the Policy Manifesto on Integrated Action on the Gender Dimension in Research & Innovation, to be presented to the European Commission and other key policy actors. 

28.10.2011 JRIA Memorial Symposium

Japan Research Industries and Industrial Technology Association (JRIA) hosted its Memorial Symposium on Otober 28, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan.

Michel Judkiewicz, Secretary General of EIRMA,  was invited to give a "Special Speech" to our sister organisation's audience.
DM Judkiewicz visiting JRIA
The 2011 Symposium reflected on "R&D in Global Competition Era" with a focus on "Reinforcement for Japanese Industries by Innovation"

More information on JRIA

24.10.2011 Barrick Gold Corporation

We are pleased to inform that Barrick Gold Corporation has decided to join EIRMA.

19.10.2011 EIT Conference "Youth and Entrepreneurship, Drivers of Innovation"

The EIT is organizing its next conference under the auspice of the Polish Presidency of the Council.It will take place in Krakow on 19 to 21 October 2011. Registration for the event has opened here.

By placing much stronger emphasis on entrepreneurship and the next generation of young European entrepreneurs, in particular students, the EIT believes that it can significantly contribute to a more competitive and innovative Europe.The overall aim of the conference is to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and culture in Europe and to receive input to further develop the EIT’s entrepreneurship and education agenda.

Should you have a request for further information or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EIT Headquarters by e-mail at [email protected]

10.10.2011 Knowledge 4 Innovation Summit (K4I)

EIRMA Secretary General Michel Judkiewicz participated as a Speaker to the 2011 KAI Summit in Warsaw on October 10, 2011. On the topic "European Governance", he presented "Policies & Instruments for Research and Innovation: Necessary Synergies"

This yearly summit was partly organized in Warsaw (Poland hosting the current president of the EU) and partly at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The high level speakers came from academia and industry, as well as from the EU authorities, making it a high level information exchange and networking event. This is a large scale key event where some EIRMA members participated as well as.

More on Knowledge 4 Innovation

04.08.2011 Release of Research Report

Release of Dr. Scott J. Edgett’s latest research report: New Product Development: Process Benchmarks and Process Metrics.The report reveals the most current and comprehensive innovation performance indicators used today, allowing companies to benchmark their performance against top organizations. With data from over 200 global companies, this research report also provides detailed examples of best practices at top innovating companies, showing organizations how they can achieve product innovation success.Additional information and resources regarding this research report is available here.

Dr. Edgett is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in product innovation through his award-winning research, best-selling publications and extensive work with top performing businesses around the world.As one of the creators of the world’s most widely implemented innovation process, Stage-Gate®, Dr. Edgett’s best practice research and resulting methodologies have lead to some of the most important discoveries in product innovation today.

29.07.2011 V-Zug joins EIRMA!

We are pleased to inform that V-Zug has joined EIRMA. Learn more about the company here!

18.07.2011 Gravit joins EIRMA!

We are pleased to inform that Gravit has decided to join EIRMA. Learn more about the Grenoble-Alpes Innovation et Incubation here!

28.06.2011 David Leon wins Award for Best Corporate Workplace

David Leon and Associates, EIRMA member since 2002, were the Workplace and Interior Designers for HR Wallingford’s new headquarters UK which was voted the best Corporate Workplace in its region by the British Council for Offices. More information PDF here.
This confirms that their Workplace Design enables individuals and their organisations achieve their potential, raise their game and accelerate their innovation processes.

01.06.2011 DSM Science & Technology Awards 2011

More information about the winners of this award from EIRMA member DSM can be found PDF here.The DSM Science & Technology Awards (North) are part of the DSM Innovation Awards Program. They are awarded for outstanding PhD research conducted by doctoral students from two European regions: the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Germany (North) and Switzerland, Austria, Northeastern France and Southern Germany (South).Over the years, they have gained a high reputation in academic circles and the contest is a major event on the international calendar.

07.04.2011 Hitachi Europe Ltd

We are pleased to inform that Hitachi Europe Ltd has decided to join EIRMA.

04.04.2011 Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

We are pleased to announce that Fraunhofer Gesellschaft has decided to join EIRMA.

27.01.2011 Giulio Natta Award 2010

Rob Kirschbaum, EIRMA Representative at DSM, has been awarded Giulio Natta Awards 2010. More information here.

26.01.2011 From Science to Business

EIRMA Individual Member Dr Georges Haour, Professor of Innovation & Technology Management at IMD in Switzerland, has published a new book. See here for more details.

26.01.2011 Wroclow Research Center EIT+ Ltd

EIRMA welcomes Wroclaw Research Center EIT+ Ltd as a member

19.01.2011 Ahlstrom Research and Services

EIRMA welcomes Ahlstrom Research and Services as a member

12.01.2011 In memory of Andrew Dearing

Andrew Dearing, EIRMA Secretary General since 2000, has passed away. See his Obituary here.

20.07.2010 SABIC Europe B.V

EIRMA welcomes SABIC Europe B.V. as a member

25.06.2010 Patent Teaching Kit

The European Patent Office has published a ready-to-use introduction to patents.
More information available here. (148 Kbytes)

The toolkit is available through the EPO website at

01.01.1970 Shaping tomorrow

"EIRMA has entered into an arrangement with Shaping Tomorrow to help member companies in their business planning. Each member can nominate users to access an EIRMA site
For that purpose, please contact [email protected]
Shaping Tomorrow provides a range of services to help businesses to prepare for the future, and make better decisions by horizon scanning and trend analysis. The basic service comprises a weekly newsletter and access to a free website with over 90,000 insights (Scan), trend alerts to help identify changes early (Plan) and various strategic planning tools to help you decide business direction (Act).  These tools can be segmented in a number of ways, including by sector, geographic location and time horizon. The site also gives access to a network of people with experience of using foresight in business planning.  In addition to these free services available from the EIRMA site or direct, commercial companies can set up private websites for use by their own staff exclusively, together with a customised newsletter, workshop training on how to use the site most effectively in your business, and consultancy services including in depth reports and presentations to senior management on specific projects.
If you would like further details of Shaping Tomorrow's commercial services, or would like a demonstration of what is available, please contact [email protected] - please refer to your EIRMA membership in your email."


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