CTO Forum 2017


Fostering Intrapreneurship: The New Competitive Edge?

26 October 2017, Empa Academy, Zurich, Switzerland

Rapid and cost effective innovation is the primary source of lasting competitive advantage in the 21st century.

Intrapreneurship is an increasingly used in the business world describing the integration of entrepreneurial skills into (large) corporations to nurture a climate of radical or incremental innovation. However,

  • How to fight potential inertia and how to help people to adapt to changes when they are used to a particular system
    How to support management and the organisational hierarchy to help them to successfully embrace the intrapreneurship shift
    How to make sure that costs of failure are minimised while the rewards of success are maximised

This CTO Forum will focus on the cultural aspects of intrapreneurship, after a workshop in June about the process and technic aspects. Petr Krupanský, Chief Innovation Engineer at ComAp and chairman of this workshop will give us a summary of the discussion and outcomes. 

PDF  Full Programme available here

Issues addressed

  • Can intrapreneurship be implemented into an organization or does it need room apart (separate organisation)?
  • How to create a climate where people have the opportunity to create new things?
  • How to tackle internal resistance from people and/or business units with their own objectives/agenda?
  • How can the CTO be a strong mentor to support intrapreneurial activities, removing obstacles and resistance?
  • Does an intrapreneurship approach need start-up coaches to foster people?
  • How much intrapreneurial culture can R&D bear?

The programme includes the dinner and the Award Ceremony of the “European CTO of the Year". 

Target Audience

Chief Technology Officers, Chief Scientists
This meeting is limited to 30 people.


Carlos Härtel, EIRMA Past President, CEO, GE Germany & Austria and Director GE Global Research Europe

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  • Dr Peter Alberius (RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • Prof Gian-Luca Bona (Empa)
  • Mr Michel Crispi (EIRMA)
  • Mr Lars Deppe (Schaeffler Technologies)
  • Ms Gabriele Dobenecker (Empa)
  • Mr Sebastien Equis (Nanolive SA)
  • Dr Francisco Faoro (StraumannGroup)
  • Dr Denis Goffaux (Umicore)
  • Mr Michael Gude (Unilever)
  • Dr Carlos Härtel (GE)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Mr Daniel Michel Judkiewicz (Independent)
  • Dr Fumi Kitagawa (University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Bernd Korves (Siemens)
  • Dr Petr Krupansky (ComAp a.s.)
  • Dr Henrik Oerskov Pedersen (Grundfos)
  • Dr Lisa Pollaro (Nanolive SA)
  • Ms Priscilla Rozé-Pagès (Air Liquide)
  • Prof Eyal Shimoni (Strauss Group)
  • Dr Dave Smith (Rolls-Royce)
  • Dr Michael Thiel (Nanoscribe GmbH)
  • Dr Henk van Houten (Philips)
  • Dr Daniel Witthaut (Evonik Industries AG)


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