Trade secrets and IP in the Far West and the Far East.


Trade secrets and IP in the Far West and the Far East – Are European companies sailing in stormy weather or are on an island of bliss?

Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management

16&17 November 2017, hosted by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR),Rome, Italy


During the meeting of 29-30 June in Berlin, the Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management (SIG IAM) explored the situation in the EU about trade secret and unitary patent, as well as the current practice of Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH).

The November session will focus on the US and China in order to understand the commonalities and differences of these protection regimes in these three important economic areas and how to turn these findings into practice.

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Issues addressed

  • How do the US and China define a trade secret?

  • How to adapt internal policies, guidelines, routines to adapt to the coming new legal environment?

  • How are data regulated in the US and in China for companies in respect to the private data of their employees?

  • What to do if a person joins or leaves the company in these countries?

  • Design protection in the field of “technical” products.

Target Audience

R&D, innovation & intellectual asset managers and experts, IP and licensing managers, patent attorneys as well as business strategy, business development managers, production & Open Innovation managers.


Dr. Werner Fröhling, Managing Director, Flooring Technologies Ltd. and Chief IP Counsel for the Swiss Krono Group

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