Gamification: An interactive tool to engage employee and drive collaboration and ideation


Gamification: An interactive tool to engage employee and drive collaboration and ideation

Webinar - 24 January 2018 1PM

The topic

Air Liquide corporate R&D group launched a gamification project to identify opportunities to add a digital touch to our current products and offers. 

The webinar will share with you this exciting approach of using an interactive platform to engage employees on sharing ideas, providing feedback, and allowing the community to select the most inspiring solutions. 

We will share with you the results and lessons learned of this dynamic approach.

The speaker

Mark Lostak, Deputy Vice-President Group R&D Air Liquide

To Register

Send an email to Aurélie Jablonski ([email protected])


  • Dr Alexander Alekseev (Linde Gas & Engineering)
  • Ms Emmanuelle Allain (Solvay)
  • Mr Carl Andrews (Rolls-Royce)
  • Ms Beatrix Becker (Evonik Industries AG)
  • Dr Ralf Behnke (Umicore)
  • Dr Kathrin Berger (Stora Enso)
  • Ms Antoinette Bertrand (Carmeuse Coordination Center SA)
  • Dr Javier Bilbao de Mendizabal (Melexis)
  • Mr Sybolt Brouwer (Umicore)
  • Mr Andreas Brumby (Umicore)
  • Mr Christophe Camerlynck (Carmeuse Coordination Center SA)
  • Mr Simon Carr (Crown Holdings, Inc)
  • Ms Stéphanie Chiron (Solvay)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Mr Maren Cottin (Evonik Industries AG)
  • Dr René Cotting (ABB)
  • Dr Pascal Di Croce (Tarkett)
  • Ms Gabriele Dobenecker (Empa)
  • Mr Bart Dooms (VITO)
  • Ms Norina Fellner (ABB)
  • Dr Johann Ferstl (Linde Gas & Engineering)
  • Ms Nastja Glöckner (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Ms Julia Gross (Rolls-Royce)
  • Mr Heiner Grussenmeyer (Stora Enso)
  • Ms Ariane Gutermuth (Air Liquide)
  • Ms Hannele Havansi (Kemira)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Dr Michaël Kolk (Arthur D Little)
  • Mr Philippe Leboeuf (DuPont de Nemours)
  • Ms Victoria Lietha (ABB)
  • Mr Mark Lostak (Air Liquide)
  • Ms Cory Nation (Rolls-Royce)
  • Mr Peter Navarro (FrieslandCampina)
  • Dr Thoa Nguyen (Haldor Topsoe)
  • Mr Evrim Oers (Air Liquide)
  • Mr John Pearson (Rolls-Royce)
  • Ms Danièle Quantin (ArcelorMittal)
  • Dr Eric Robert (Umicore)
  • Mr Will Rodell (Crown Holdings, Inc)
  • Mr Christian Schott (Melexis)
  • Mr Stefaan Sonjeau (Carmeuse Coordination Center SA)
  • Mr Carl-Mikael Tag (Stora Enso)
  • Mr Jean-Yves Tilquin (Carmeuse Coordination Center SA)
  • Dr Guno Tjon (Unilever)
  • Mr Christopher Tonk (Stora Enso)
  • Ms Veerle van Wassenhove (NV Bekaert SA)
  • Mr Hans Visschers (Philips)
  • Dr Joachim von Heimburg (Independent)
  • Dr Louis Vovelle (Elkem Silicones )
  • Dr Martin Wijsman (FrieslandCampina)
  • Mr Peter Young (Crown Holdings, Inc)


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