Workshop: How to successfully incubate new businesses


“How to successfully incubate new businesses”


13 March 2019,  hosted by Siemens Headquarters, Munich, Germany


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The topic of big corporations incubating startups have been on the top of the industrial R&D list for more than a decade now. When run successfully, this process is beneficial for both sides. However, there are factors that you need to take into account before starting this adventure.
Some say corporations shouldn’t try too much and let the industrial environment do the integration process itself. Some say corporations have both money and environment, so they are the best candidates to run successfully an incubation process.
Some of the small business segments can be difficult to reach but they still flourish with new ideas. The challenge for them is to find a balance between new ideas and processes, freedom and structure.

On another hand, there is a difference also between the GAFA-type industry and the traditional one. The digital world challenges requite less investment, less testing, less legal agreement. In hard goods companies, there is a risk aversion propensity: is this rapid and agile model easily applicable then? The mindset, age and profile of people working in digital is also different: can the traditional industry replicate and adopt this mindset?

Issues addressed

  • What’s the best way from an idea to a business? How to go from a small idea through a well-installed process? How to nurture it and make it grow?

  • How do you structure your incubations: should they be independent or internally driven?

  • How do you motivate entities when you legally separate them?

  • What is the best way to get to a business segment size big enough to survive on its own?

  • Can corporate be entrepreneur? Or should you reach the outside innovation environment?

  • How can traditional industry learn from the digital one in terms of incubation?

Target Audience

Corporate Research Managers, Programme and R&D managers, Innovation managers, people responsible for creating new business within their company, Strategists, and anyone with operational responsibilities for innovation portfolio.


Dr. Norbert Lütke-Entrup, Head of Technology and Innovation Management, Corporate Technology, Siemens


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