Artificial Intelligence and R&D Productivity


  Artificial Intelligence and R&D Productivity



18 June 2019, hosted by AD Little, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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AI (artificial intelligence) is already changing the world. Futuristic breakthroughs, are already occurring today! These include games, driverless cars, robot bankers, medical and surgical robots, sight and sound recognition, cyber security and improved decision making systems.

Many public and private institutions are rapidly adopting artificial intelligence for a multitude of applications to accelerate and improve their processes. Most of the industries are also dipping their toes into AI somewhere along the R&D value chain, whether in real world outcomes, or to better understand their customers.

AI has the capacity to vastly increase the output of research and development teams, and its introduction into the R&D process is inevitable. Through thoughtful introduction, modern companies can harness the new technologies to supercharge their innovation processes and fully leverage all the benefits that AI has to offer. Its capabilities are advancing and it offers the ability to analyse enormous sets of data, identify patterns, and generate algorithms to explain them, to the benefit of researchers.

But the challenges are also cultural and social, not just technological. RD team must be open to the value that machine learning and data crunching can bring to their endeavour, and to asking new kinds of questions that may have previously been intractable.
This workshop aims to present practitioners experience with AI and its impact on their RD team productivity.

In the big picture of digitalisation, there is another fascinating topic: Artificial Intelligence. Nobody doubts that it will revolutionize our society in general and R&D management in particular.


Issues addressed

  • What is the current state of the art for AI? 

  • Automation, sensor use, data use: what’s their effect on R&D management?

  • What do Automated Lab and Internet of Things mean for Innovation?

  • What type of technologies can we use to collect, manage and make data valuable? 

  • What are the limits of data analytics and AI?

  • What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on R&D management?

  • How can R&D use AI to improve itself?

  • What AI responsible boundaries should we consider?

Target Audience

Research strategy leaders, R&D managers, Business Development, Innovation Managers, people responsible for creating new business in their company, R&D programme leaders.


Michaël Kolk, Partner, Arthur D. Little



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  • Mr Thomas Abbate (Carmeuse Coordination Center SA)
  • Mr Mauro Barbieri (Philips)
  • Mr Wim Becker (Philip Morris Products SA)
  • Dr Johannes Benkhoff (Clariant)
  • Mr Christian Binder (Outotec)
  • Mr Luke Collins (Independent)
  • Mr Peter De Jaeger (NV Bekaert SA)
  • Mr Marc de Pater (Arthur D Little)
  • Mr Filip Eckstein (ComAp a.s.)
  • Mr Michael Eiden (Arthur D Little)
  • Mr Martijn Eikelenboom (Arthur D Little)
  • Mr Chandler Hatton (Arthur D Little)
  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Mr Milan Kalinka (ComAp a.s.)
  • Mr Guillaume Kerboul (Dassault Systèmes)
  • Dr Michaël Kolk (Arthur D Little)
  • Ms Sarah Potts (Shell)
  • Mr Paul Poupet (
  • Dr Steffen Preissler (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Mr Luis Robles (Total)
  • Dr Alejandro Sanz (Independent)
  • Mr Ruud Schoemaker (FrieslandCampina)
  • Ms Telli Van Der Lei (DSM)
  • Ms Wendy van Herpen (Unilever)
  • Mr Frederik van Oene (Arthur D Little)
  • Ms Veerle van Wassenhove (NV Bekaert SA)


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