Symposium on Global Open Innovation Networks, OECD, Paris



OECD governments are faced with new challenges as globalisation and open innovation increasingly impact on the way innovation takes place, on the linkages within innovation systems at national and global level and on the ability to reap benefits from investments in R&D and innovation whether at regional, national or global level. At the same time the open innovation paradigm and the development of global innovation networks can potentially enhance the returns to both private and public R&D investment.

Using a case study approach and empirical analysis, the OECD project on Globalisation and Open Innovation reviewed the trends and drivers behind open innovation and shed light on some of the policy implications for governments, higher education and public research and the business environment.

This symposium in Paris will examine the phenomenon of global open innovation from the perspective of France and Europe.
The workshop will assess the international variations in open innovation practices. Such variations are important to take into account in order to understand the diffusion of open innovation practices and the policies to promote in order to fulfil the promises of the open innovation paradigm.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the functioning and facilitation of innovation networks, including the handling of intellectual property.

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  • Mr Boris Azaïs (Merck)
  • Dr Angelo Beati (AREVA NP)
  • Dr Pascal Casanova (LafargeHolcim)
  • Ms Edwige Chassagneux (Armines)
  • Dr Luc Chefneux (Independent)
  • Mr Jeroen Deleu (SIRRIS)
  • Mr Jean-Louis Fages (Michelin)
  • Mr Greg Fleming (Air Liquide)
  • Dr Wolf Gehrisch (Académie des Technologies)
  • Mr Philippe-Franck Girard (Total)
  • Dr Carlos Härtel (GE)
  • Dr Lorenz Kaiser (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
  • Prof Horst König (EIRMA Associate)
  • Dr Tomasz Kosmider (Technology Partners Foundation)
  • Mr Johan Langenbick (CREAX NV)
  • Ms Femke Markhorst (Dutch Polymer Institute)
  • Dr William Miceli (ONR Global)
  • Dr Manuel Oomen (Philips)
  • Ms Marja-Liisa Pihlström (EIRMA)
  • Dr Régis Poisson (AETV-Balard)
  • Mr René Rohrbeck (EICT)
  • Mr Bruno Rondani (Omnisys Engenharia Ltda)
  • Dr Franco Rosatelli (Finmeccanica)
  • Ms Camille Roy (EIRMA)
  • Mr Maurice Sanciaume (Agilent Technologies Belgium)
  • Dr Maarten Schurmans (Umicore)
  • Prof Jouko Suokas (VTT)
  • Dr Philippe A. Tanguy (Total)
  • Mr Karim Zouaneb (Renault)


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