The Practitioner's Guide to Industrial Innovation

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Practical Insights from your Peers

Innovation is vital to the health of our businesses, our economies, and our planet. Without a commitment to develop new products, services and business models, businesses and economies will be unable to retain their positions in increasingly competitive global markets, and societies will lack the tools to tackle challenges such as climate change and ageing populations.

The European Industrial Research Management Association has a special place in the innovation ecosystem. It acts as the key forum in which senior industrial research, development and innovation professionals share their current, practical experience and insights.

This Practitioner’s Guide to Industrial Innovation is based on discussions at EIRMA meetings, working groups, Special Interest Groups, Focus Groups, workshops, Representatives’ Round Tables, and Annual Conferences, as well as dialogues with the European Commission and other stakeholders.

Each section of the Guide provides Quick Insights into the key issues that industrial innovators need to understand about that topic, plus a short text that expands on those Insights and provides structured links to richer detail in individual meeting reports, as necessary.

Follow the links for our Practitioner’s Guides to:

Chapter 1 - Open innovation

Chapter 2 - Technology transfer and industrial/academic relationships

Chapter 3 - Globalisation and the value of location

Chapter 4 - IP management in the age of globalisation

Chapter 5 - Knowledge management in the digital age

Chapter 6 - Making the most of multiple cultures

Chapter 7 - A practitioner's guide to Responsible Innovation (for EIRMA members only)


We hope you and your colleagues find it of continuing use in your daily innovation practice. Please share our insights widely with colleagues and partners, and consider becoming a part of this peer-to-peer learning network of practising industrial innovators.

The guide is available here PDF. 

Michel Crispi

Secretary General



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