Framework Programme

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pdf2009-Personnel Costs

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Updated rules concerning the calculation of allowable personnel costs.


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Progress report on FP7


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Commission response to ex-post evaluation of Sixth Framework Programme


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Slideset presentation accompanying the final evaluation of the sixth Framework Programme, carried out by an Expert Group in late 2008/early 2009 under the chairmanship of Professor Ernst Rietschel.


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This report gives the final evaluation of the sixth Framework Programme, carried out by an Expert Group in late 2008/early 2009 under the chairmanship of Professor Ernst Rietschel.

pdf2006-FP6 IPR Rules

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Revised guidelines concerning Intellectual Property generated by the Sixth Framework Programme

pdf2005-EP Buzek Report on FP7

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Draft Report on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the seventh framework programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities

Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
Rapporteur: Jerzy Buzek

pdf2006-Potocnik ITRE Speech

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Moving Forward with the Seventh Framework Programme, speech by Commissioner Potocnik to the ITRE meteing of European Parliament on 26 January 2006

pdf2006-01 Austrian Conference

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Background note describing the objectives of the planned conference on 4-5 May in Vienna to bring together a wide range of stakeholders interested in Technology Platforms.

pdf2005-FP7-Rules of Participation

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Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of Council determining the rules for the participation of undertakings, research centres and universities and laying down the rules for the dissemination of research results for the implementation of the seventh framework programme (2007-2013)


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Contribution by Sean O'Reagain
DG Research
SIG4 - European Technology Platforms: Recent Developments and Current State of Play


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Record of seminar held on 8th September 2005 to discuss proposals for simplication in FP7. Summary notes prepared by EIRMA delegate, copies of slides presented by Commission Services, and official record by the Commission


Association for the Promotion of European and International Co-operation in Science, provides an excellent overview of information concerning the Framework Programme, including a synthesis of all national position papers.


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FP7 Simplification

Discussion paper from the Commission outlining plans to simplify rules and procedures for FP7


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Explanation of proposed main programme thrusts for FP7


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Explanation of the proposed main thrusts of the Cooperation programme within FP7.

The nine themes determined for EU action are: Health; Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology; Information and Communication Technologies; Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies; Energy; Environment (including Climate Change); Transport (including Aeronautics); Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities; and Security and Space.

The continued industrial relevance of the themes will be ensured by relying, among other sources, on the work of the various European Technology Platforms. This will contribute to the implementation of the Strategic Research Agendas established and developed by the European Technology Platforms where these present genuine European added value.


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Explanation of the proposed main thrusts for the Ideas programme in FP7.

The intention is that the European Research Council (ERC), consisting of a Scientific Council and a dedicated implementation structure, will be responsible for this programme. ERC will operate according to the principles of scientific excellence, autonomy, efficiency, transparency and accountability, which will support investigator-driven projects in “frontier research”, carried out by individual teams competing at the European level, within and across all fields of research


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Explanation of the proposed main thrusts for the People programme in FP7


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Explanation of the proposed main thrusts for the Capacities programme in FP7


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Explanation of the proposed main thrusts for the EU Joint Research Centre in FP7


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Explanation of the proposed main thrusts for the Euratom programme in FP7


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Explanation of the proposed main thrusts for the Euratom programme in FP7


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Explanation of the proposed main thrusts for the JRC/Euratom programme in FP7

pdf2005-06-SEC-800 Technology Platforms

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Report on European Technology Platforms and Joint Technology Initiatives, June 2005


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Explanation of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme which is planned to sit alongside the Framework Programme and is being driven primarily by DG Enterprise


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Proposal for Council decision concerning the Seventh Framework Programme.

The main thrusts of the 7th Framework Programme concern Cooperation (gaining leadership in key scientific and techological areas through collaboration between industry, universities and public research); Ideas (truly outstanding forefront research, scientist-led); People (stimulating people to embark on and pursue scientific careers); and Capacities (enhance research and innovation capacity throughout Europe).

Cordis on 7th Framework Programme

Cordis Gateway for the 7th Framework Programme.

pdf2005-EU FP 5-year Assessment

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The current Treaty of the European Union identifies two core strategic objectives for the European Research Framework Programmes: (i) strengthening the scientific and technological bases of industry to encourage its international competitiveness and (ii) supporting other policies of the European Union.
This Report, the third Five-Year Assessment of the Research Framework Programmes (European Community, Euratom), reviews the implementation and achievements of the Framework Programmes over the period 1999-2003. The recommendations cover the remainder of the Sixth Framework Programme, to 2006, and suggest improvements to the nature and direction of future Framework Programmes. In making these recommendations, the objective is to provide well-informed input to strengthen the quality, relevance and impact of current and future Framework Programmes.


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Speech by Potocnik on Technology Platforms

pdf2004-EU-Technology Platforms

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Technology Platforms aim to unite stakeholders around a common vision and approach, with specific focus on the definition of a Strategic Research Agenda at European level and the mobilisation of the necessary critical mass of research and innovation effort. This report presents an overview of the situation as of late 2004.

Marie Curie Actions

Provides an overview of the training, mobility and career development opportunities covered under the FP for R&D. These opportunities are open to researchers of all ages and levels of experience regardless of nationality, and are one of the most visible means of developing and enhancing human resources in the European Research Area (ERA).


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2004 evaluation of the effectiveness of the New Instruments of Framework Programme VI, report from High-level Expert Panel chaired by Professor Ramon Marimon.

6th Framework Programme

Comprehensive information for those wishing to participate in or benefit from the Framework Programme, it includes direct access to calls for proposals and other funding opportunities, a library of participation information, dedicated services for each specific research area, participation support tools, a facility for on-line submission of proposals, frequently asked questions, key contacts and links to other relevant services

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