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The voice of the European digital technology industry


Canadian Association of Research, Technology Management and Innovation Leaders


The Business and Industry Advisory Committee provides the official channel for business input to the OECD. The EIRMA Secretary-General currently chairs its Technology Committee...

Proton Europe

ProTon Europe is the pan-European network of Knowledge Transfer Offices linked to Universities and Public Research Organisations.


Voice of the European biotech industry. Actively engaged in dialogue with the European institutions to contribute to the creation of a coherent legislation for bioindustries, EuropaBio ensures a steady flow of information about biotechnology to the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers.


The European federation of employers' organisations


The European Round Table of Industrialists is a forum of European industrial leaders aiming at promoting the competitiveness and growth of Europe's economy.


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The Korean Industrial Technology Association was founded in 1979 and provides over 5000 companies with support and an interface to government.


The Industrial Research Institute, our American sister, was founded in 1938 and in many ways has provided the model upon which EIRMA was built.


The Association Nationale de la Recherche Technique brings together the principal French players concerned with R&D


EARMA works to improve the quality of research management and administration in practice and application. It is open to individual members in the areas of management and administration of research in institutes, universities and industry.


The trade association of specialised research and technology organisations in Europe.


This French association contributes to realising the potential of research and innovation by supporting knowledge transfer between experienced practitioners.


An organisation of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technology and Engineering from eighteen European countries.


The Licensing Executives Society International is an association of 27 societies, each composed of men and women who have an interest in the transfer of technology, or licensing of intellectual property rights - from technical know how and patented inventions to software, copyright and trade marks.

Prince of Wales Business and Environment

The Prince of Wales Business and Environment Programme exists to help business leaders debate, understand and engage with the issues of sustainable development.

R&D Society

UK based organisation formed to promote the better understanding of R&D in all its forms.

Royal Society of Chemistry

The United Kingdom Royal Society of Chemistry runs various seminars on aspects of research management and is a leading publisher of scientific journals


EIRMA's sister organisation in Mexico


EIRMA's sister organisation in Brazil.


The Product Development & Management Association aims to improve the effectiveness of people engaged in developing and managing new products - both new manufactured goods and new services.


The Australian Industrial Research Group, EIRMA's sister organisation down under.


The Japanese Techno-Economics Society.


The mission of the Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals is to professionalize and promote technology transfer between the European science base and industry. With the field of technology transfer growing rapidly, European professionals in this field have had an increasing need for a platform to meet and share experiences on a regular basis. The association was established in late 1999.

Association Bernard Gregory

This leading French association facilitates the professional insertion and mobility of young scientists trained through research. Its web site provides an employment portal for young PhDs in science, engineering, humanities and social sciences.


The European Science Foundation is the European association of national organisations responsible for supporting scientific research.


The European University Association is the representative organisation of both European universities and national rectors conferences.

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