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pdfFrascati Manual

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The 2002 edition of the Frascati manual contains guidelines on the classification of R&D, used by companies and national governments


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2008 R&D investment data for global top 1250 companies, published by UK government

Published November 2008


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2008 R&D investment data for top 800 UK-based companies, published by UK government


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2008 R&D Scoreboard Analysis, published by UK government

pdfEU R&D Investment Trends in 10 Sectors

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This EU survey of several hundred major companies explores revealing factors and issues which surround and influence their R&D investment, particularly in the context of globalisation and outsourcing.

2007 version

Eurostat Science and Technology Portal Entry

Eurostat's main point of entry for data on science, technology and innovation

pdfOslo Manual

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The 2005 edition of the Oslo manual contains the reference guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data

pdfScience, technology and Innovation in Europe - 2008

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This publication presents statistical data and indicators based on a number of data sources available at Eurostat (mainly related to science, technology, innovation and regions). It provides the reader with statistical information to appreciate the evolution and composition of science and technology (S&T) in Europe and its position with regard to its partners.

The pocketbook is divided into nine chapters among which: Key R&D input and output indicators (R&D expenditure, R&D personnel and Government budget appropriations or outlays on R&D (GBAORD)); Patents; High Technology; regional overview of S&T, looking at the top European regions and at the best performing region of each country; human resources in S&T fields (HRST); main conclusions of the Community Innovation Statistics 2002/2003. Another chapter gives some general statistics concerning population, gross domestic product (GDP) and employment.

EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard

The 2010 "EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard", released in October 2010, presents information on the top 1000 EU companies and 1000 non-EU companies investing in R&D in 2009. The Scoreboard includes data on R&D investment along with other economic and financial data from the last four financial years.
The data for the Scoreboard are taken from the companies’ latest published accounts, i.e. the 2009 fiscal year accounts and indicate the R&D invested by companies' own funds, independently of the location of the R&D activity.
The global economic and financial crisis that started in 2008 and hit companies worldwide is fully reflected in the company accounts used for the 2010 Scoreboard.
The report examines overall levels of R&D investment, the performance of the EU and non-EU companies, and the main changes that took place last year. It comprises the performance of individual companies among the top R&D investors, in particular those with significant R&D growth and analyses the main indicators of the company data aggregated by industrial sectors and world regions respectively, with comparisons between the EU companies and their main competitors.

Key findings for 2009: a) Increase in private sector R&D investments but relatively less in EU than in US/Asia; b) Concentration of EU R&D in large companies; c) and in a few R&D-intensive sectors; d) and in a few key countries.

US - National Science Foundation

The NSF Division of Science Resources Statistics (SRS), Science and Engineering Statistics. Publications, data, and analyses about US science and engineering resources, including trends in research and development (R&D) performed by industry within the United States. It includes analytical information on R&D funded from companies' own resources and sales and employment reported by R&D-performing firms.

2006-UK-Value Added Scorecard

Value added calculations for 700 leading European companies and 800 leading UK companies, prepared by the UK Department of Trade and Industry

Includes a 'Value Added' calculator for companies to perform their own calculations.

Current edition released 2006, based on 2005 data.

EU Innovation-Scoreboard

Annual assessments of innovation performance in the individual Member States of the European Union. To measure innovation performance a set of "indicators" are used, such as number of science graduates, or the number of patents filed. As the indicators are measured in the same way across all the Member States, the scoreboard is a "benchmarking" tool - that is it can be used to compare one country against another.

pdfEU Key Figures

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Provides a set of indicators to take stock of Europe's position in science, technology and the knowledge economy. Contains graphs, tables and comparative analyses of the European Union's performance in relation to its main partners.

Current version dated 2007

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