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EIRMA Annual Conference 2020 postponed



Dear EIRMA members,

Amid the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic restrictions, EIRMA’s Annual Conference 2020, initially set to May 13-14 in Prague, is compelled to be postpone to the next fall (exact date to be determined), also in Prague.
In full coordination with the President, EIRMA will continue monitoring the situation in order to set an appropriate date for the event and communicate to all of you accordingly.
We look forward to hosting you, once the pandemic outbreak is over and we all can operate orderly again. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information you may require.
Meanwhile, we wish you all good health and keep safe during those extraordinary times.

The EIRMA Team

Next European CTOs of the Year


Next European CTOs Award of the Year

Press release here

Managing Uncertainties Task Force


Managing Uncertainties Task Force

EIRMA announces the instalment of a temporary MULTIDICIPLINARY “MANAGING UNCERTAINTIES” TASK FORCE for the period of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

This special EIRMA “MANAGING UNCERTAINTIES” TASK FORCE will prepare relevant activities and webinars in reference to the current Industrial Research & Innovation concerns raised by EIRMA members - to handle the market challenges amid Covid-19 impact:

  • Managing under Financial constraint
  • Handling the Human Factor
  • Collaboration and Opportunities in the Industrial ecosystem
  • Possible Exit strategies after the crisis

The TASK FORCE includes:

  • Alex Nussem (Chairman) - SG EIRMA
  • Monica Schofield - Chair Responsible Innovation TaskForce
  • Nicolas Dubuc - Chairman Special Interest Group on  Knowledge Management 
  • Michael Kolk - Chairman Special Interest Group on Digitalisation
  • Werner Froehling - Chairman Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management

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