The EIRMA Operations Team is at the service of our members and any person wishing to get more information about our activities.

Day-to-day operations are handled by the "EIRMA Operations Team" based in Brussels, Belgium:


Mr. Alexandre NUSSEM, Secretary General

The Secretary General is responsible for running the Secretariat and the Association. He acts as EIRMA Treasurer and Secretary to the Governing Board, handles public outreach activities as well as communications. He is in charge for the relations with the members and of recruiting new members.








Ms. Carine TERNEST, Deputy Secretary General & European Projects Manager

Carine assists the Secretary General in the day-to-day management and is coordinator for the European projects.

She supervises invoicing to EIRMA clients and is the privileged contact with the external accounting services. Carine is also in charge of the members database. She ensures the logistical organisation of the annual programme.


Ms. Aurélie JABLONSKI, Head of Programme, Members Relations & Digital Collaboration

Aurélie is in charge of planning and organising EIRMA’s programme of activities, ensuring that EIRMA remains a valuable resource for the member companies. She is responsible for identifying, contacting and following-up with high-level speakers for each event as well as on-site event management. She also coordinates the Programme Planning Committee and Special Interest Groups meetings and work. She brings support for the relation with members and the association social media and website. Aurélie also officiates the digital adaptation of the programmes, commissioning digital collaboration and platforms.


Ms. Sofia PARREIRA - MESQUITA, Communication & Administrative Coordinator

Sofia contributes to the developement of the association website and media, helps organizing meetings and presentations, and interacts with our Members to effectively deliver our companie's message to the public and the social media. She also brings administrative support to the Operations Team.