EIRMA’s BID for 2020: Responsible Innovation

EIRMA Cooperates with Reforest’Action aiming to sensitize EIRMA’s members to forests protection and restoration - for our technology ecosystem

Dear EIRMA members,
In view of the first EIRMA’s Task-Force of 2020: “Responsible Innovation – a Matter of Survival” (held at Solvay in February 2020), EIRMA is proud to announce a collaboration with Reforest’Action.

The cooperation of EIRMA and Reforest’Action aims to sensitize EIRMA’s members to the roles of forests in our current economy and the need to protect and restore them. On that account, participants at EIRMA’s meetings in 2020 will be sensitized on forests global issues and invited to act, both in their professional occupation and Business sector - to reduce their environmental footprint by planting and restoring degraded forests.

Each participant at an EIRMA event in 2020 will contribute to plant one tree, as a first step to its commitment for forests. A named plantation certificate is provided at each EIRMA event.
Join the EIRMA meetings and discover further how your companies can act and innovate responsibly by way of preserving and restoring forests.
Each and one personally and all of us together - can make the change for our future generations.

The EIRMA Team


ABOUT Reforest’Action

Reforest’Action is a Certified B Social Enterprise created in 2010 to preserve, restore and plant better forests in France and around the world.
MISSION: Reforest’Action’s primary mission is to contribute to tackling some of the major global challenges of our time: responding to the threat of climate change and halting biodiversity loss. Since its inception, Reforest’Action has planted more than 5 million trees in 24 countries.

CONTACT Reforest’Action

If your organization would like to participate in one of the Reforest’Action programs – Please contact Fanny Epaud, business development manager:  [email protected] ; Telephone: +33 184 780 484.