Responsible innovation - a matter of survival

Responsible innovation - a matter of survival
The wide adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as Agenda 2030, by the EU, most governments, many businesses and investors is reflecting a dramatic shift in priorities by society in what it wants from those who drive innovation.  This meeting is hosted by Solvay Campus Brussels

Responsible Innovation
- the mobilisation of knowledge to deliver value to all stakeholders and accept responsibility for the long term - is both an answer as well as a critical engine for this transformation. However, the best practices from industry have yet to be captured in a form that can be widely communicated.

has the potential to drive this effort through the foundational work performed by its Task Force on Responsible Innovation which is working to bring about a meeting of minds. The task force seeks wider participation in this engagement that is essential to maintaining public confidence in industrial activity.

This event is about bringing together managers from these three communities as well as policy makers to understand the challenges that each one is facing and start shaping together concrete operational tools to implement Responsible Innovation.

Issues addressed

  • How to incorporate responsible innovation principles in R&D/R&I management?
  • How to harness Responsible Innovation as an engine of Sustainable Finance and measure its impact?
  • How can policy makers and industry can work together to generate innovation for ‘people, planet and profit’?
  • How to transform your organisation’s R&I operations to align with UN SDGs?
  • The role of EIRMA in empowering enterprises to address RI

Target Audience

Research and Innovation programme leaders, research collaboration managers, corporate affairs leaders, research strategy leaders, representatives of the corporate social responsibility function


Monica Schofield, Director International Cooperation & EU Office, TuTech Innovation GmbH and convenor of EIRMA Task Force on Responsible Innovation

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2/13/2020 9:00 AM - 4:40 PM
Solvay Campus Rue de Ransbeek 310 1120 BRUSSELS BELGIUM