Seeing the world through the ears......

The body is a sense machine. We are about to unlock its full power.
How humans perceive the world is stranger than you think.What if you could see with your ears?
That’s not as crazy as it sounds. It is the challenge that Israeli researcher Amir Amedi has taken up, with European funding – and the result is an app for the blind that works on a smartphone. Using Amedi’s EyeMusic device, blind people can describe faces, read other people’s emotions, recognise body postures and detect colour.
The interactive feature on Amedi’s research is available on ERC=Science².
It is the first feature in a series of articles on the senses released in the coming weeks on ERC=Science². EIRMA is a partner of the project ERC=Science² a Europe-wide communications campaign which uses popular scientific themes such as ‘cities of the future’ and ‘food’ to tell stories about the breakthrough science funded by the European Research Council and the potential impact it can have on our lives.

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