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EIRMA is a forum to exchange and discuss experiences and best practices in R&D management. A very open and friendly atmosphere. 


 Please find herewith the topics planned for Q3/Q4 2022 (precise dates and details will follow soon):

  • INTELECTUAL ASSETS: High-growth technology business initiative & Transaction Based Growth Management 
  • DEEP-TECH: European Commission/CERN project: ATTRACT-II WP3
  • EUROPEAN PROJECT: Horizon Europe for Industry - Application process
  • ECHO SYSTEMS for SUSTAINABILITY (with The Club of Rome) SERIES: Sustainable Culture, Education and Discipline
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Get Smarter with Industrial AI



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EIRMA supports EPO High-growth technology business forums


EIRMA supports EPO High-growth technology business forums!

EIRMA Webinars Cycle 2022 - Dates


Responsible Innovation (RI): Why it is so important to companies, and why Innovation Managers struggle so much to implement it? 3 short Webinars to share experience and discuss solutions on February 14th, March 16th and April 6th 2022.