Commission Communications

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One of a series of documents issued to review Community innovation policies

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Assesing EU Innovation policies 2005-2009
Support to Innovation in Services
Financing Innovation in SMEs


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Progress report on FP7


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Commission response to ex-post evaluation of Sixth Framework Programme

European Union Documents

EUROPA directory of all European Union documents


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Better Careers and More Mobility - A European Partnership for Researchers


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The Community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure


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Towards Joint Programming in Research


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A Strategic European Framework for International Science and Technology Cooperation


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Commission Recommendation on the management of intellectual property in knowledge transfer activities and Code of Practice for universities and other public research organisations.


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Decision on 6th Framework Programme


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Mobilising the brainpower of Europe: enabling universities to make their full contribution to the Lisbon Strategy


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Working together for growth and jobs: A new start for the Lisbon Strategy


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Implementing the Community Lisbon Programme: A policy framework to strengthen EU manufacturing - towards amore integrated approach for industrial policy


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EU-China, Closer Partners, Growing Responsibilities


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Closer Partners, Growing Responsibilities: A policy paper on EU-China trade and investment: Competition and Partnership


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Putting knowledge into practice: A broad-based innovation strategy for the EU


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European Council informal summit Lathi

An innovation-friendly, modern Europe


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Developing a knowledge flagship: the European Institute of Technology


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Precommercial public procurement


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A Lead Market Initiative for Europe (Annex 1)


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A Lead Market Initiative for Europe (Annex 2)


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A Lead Market Initiative for Europe


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Mobility of Researchers and Career Development – Implementation Report 2005

pdfEU-com-2007-161-ERA New Perspectives Annex

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Supporting material for 2007-COM-161


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Accompanying 2007-COM-182, these voluntary guidelines intend to highlight good practices, to European universities, research & technology organisations and other publicly-funded R&D bodies, regarding the management and transfer of knowledge and intellectual property (“IPR”) in the context of both publicly-funded R&D and delivery of collaborative research. Sources of such good practices include material developed by national public authorities and by stakeholders, including EIRMA.


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The importance of improving knowledge transfer between public research institutions and third parties, including industry and civil society organisations was identified by the Commission as one of ten key areas for action. This Communication sets out ideas on how Member States and the Community can act together, in a mutually reinforcing way, to overcome some of the existing obstacles, in particular in terms of promoting the trans-national dimension of knowledge transfer.

The accompanying Staff Working Document on "voluntary guidelines for universities and other research institutions to improve their links with industry across Europe" are based on good practices identified by a number of national public authorities and the work of various European stakeholder associations including the Responsible Partnering initiative by EIRMA and its sister bodies.


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Enhancing the Patent System

The single market for patents in Europe is still incomplete, despite repeated calls for this to happen. This Communication sets out a proposed compromise solution by the European Commission.


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A Common Policy for Scientific Research and Technological Development

This Communication was submitted by Commissioner for Industry, Trade and Research Altiero Spinelli. Altiero's legacy included a vision for a Europe of Science and Research at a moment where no legal basis was even foreseen in Treaties. He envisaged the creation of collaborative programmes in a number of areas, and the making of both a common scientific policy at a Community level and a coordination of national ones.


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More Research and Innovation

Joint communication by DG-RTD and DG-Ent, explaining an overall approach to the research and innovation objectives.


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This is the second communication concerning the establishment of a European Institute of Technology, which develops the thinking based on response to the initiative as initially proposed.


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This communication presents the proposal to establish a European Institute of Technology, first put forward in 2005 in the mid-term review of the Lisbon strategy. The EIT will be an education, research and innovation operator. It will be structured so as to integrate these three areas, which between them hold the keys to the knowledge society. It will set out to attract and keep the best talents in students, researchers and staff in Europe, to work side by side with leading edge business in the development and exploitation of knowledge and research, and to enhance research and innovation management skills generally.


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Delivering on the Modernisation Agenda for Universities: Education, Research and Innovation. Modernisation of Europe’s universities, involving their interlinked roles of education, research and innovation, has been acknowledged not only as a core condition for the success of the broader Lisbon Strategy, but as part of the wider move towards an increasingly global and knowledge-based economy. This communication discusses what this entails

pdfEU-com-2005-330 Community Lisbon Programme

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On 2 February 2005, the Commission proposed a new start for the Lisbon Strategy focusing the European Union’s efforts on two principal tasks – delivering stronger, lasting growth and more and better jobs. This communication explains the thinking to the Commission’s proposal to re-launch and refocus the Lisbon Strategy.


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Action Plan to Boost Research and Innovation

Tabled 12th October 2005, launches 19 ambitious objectives to promote research and innovation:
1. Research and innovation at the heart of EU policies
- Better Regulation in support of new technologies; Redeployment of State aid towards research and innovation; Improved efficiency and use of intellectual property protection; An attractive single market for researchers; The use of public procurement to foster research and innovation; Better and wider use of tax incentives
2. Research and innovation at the heart of EU funding
- Mobilisation of public and private resources for key technologies; European Structural Funds to drive research and innovation; Improved access of SMEs to finance; Mobilisation of national programmes to fund EU research and innovation
3. Research and innovation at the heart of business
- Intensified university–industry partnerships; Innovation poles and research-driven and industrial clusters; Proactive business support services to stimulate research and innovation; Innovation management and social change; The potential of innovative services; European industrial research and innovation monitoring system
4. Improved research and innovation policies
- Research and innovation as a prioirity of the National Reform Programmes for growth and jobs; Improved policy analysis instruments; Support to policy learning and co-operation


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European Commission's consultation document on State Aid for Innovation


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FP7 Simplification

Discussion paper from the Commission outlining plans to simplify rules and procedures for FP7


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European Researchers Charter

Commission recommendations on the European Charter for researchers and on a code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers.


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Explanation of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme which is planned to sit alongside the Framework Programme and is being driven primarily by DG Enterprise


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Building the European Research Area of knowledge for growth


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Proposal for Council decision concerning the Seventh Framework Programme.

The main thrusts of the 7th Framework Programme concern Cooperation (gaining leadership in key scientific and techological areas through collaboration between industry, universities and public research); Ideas (truly outstanding forefront research, scientist-led); People (stimulating people to embark on and pursue scientific careers); and Capacities (enhance research and innovation capacity throughout Europe).


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Future EU Support to Research

Science and technology, the key to Europe's future - Guidelines for future European Union policy to support research


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The role of the universities in the Europe of knowledge


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Investing in research: an action plan for Europe


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Investing in Research: an Action Plan for Europe (annex)


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The European Research Area: Providing New Momentum


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More Research for Europe: Towards 3% of GDP


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Towards a European Research Area

Share best practices of industrial R&D and innovation and enjoy the experience of networking with your peers across different industrial sectors all over Europe!