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pdf2020 Vision for ERA

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The vision for the development of the European Research Area, adopted in December 2008 by the EU's Competitiveness Council. The vision reflects many of the features that EIRMA has encouraged, including the need for Europe to be attractive to people and businesses that engage in research and innovation, and the need to be relevant to the interests of civil society.

pdf2008-ERA Research Institutions

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Expert Group Report on Research Institutions in ERA

pdf2008-ERA Labour Market

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Expert Group Report on the ERA Researchers Labour Market

pdf2008-ERA Knowledge Sharing

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Report of Expert Group on Knowledge Sharing in ERA

pdf2008-ERA Infrastructures

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Report of Expert Group concerning Research Infrastructures

pdf2008-ERA Rationales

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Report of the Expert Group set up to examine the rationale for the European Research Area and make evidence-based recommendations on ways forward.

pdf2007-BusinessEurope ERA GreenPaper

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Industry submission to the consultation on the 2007 ERA Green Paper

pdfEU-com-2007-161-ERA New Perspectives Annex

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Supporting material for 2007-COM-161

pdfEU-com-2007-161-ERA New Perspectives Green Paper

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This Green Paper raises questions on how to deepen and widen the European Research Area so that it fully contributes to the renewed Lisbon strategy. It intends to launch a wide institutional and public debate with a view to preparing initiatives for 2008. The paper is based on an assessment of the situation in these main areas:
– An adequate flow of competent researchers with high levels of mobility between institutions, disciplines, sectors and countries;
– World-class research infrastructures, integrated, networked and accessible to research teams from across Europe and the world;
– Excellent research institutions engaged in effective public-private cooperation and partnerships, forming the core of research and innovation 'clusters';
– Effective knowledge-sharing notably between public research and industry, as well as with the public at large;
– Well-coordinated research programmes and priorities, including a significant volume of jointly-programmed public research investment at European level involving common priorities, coordinated implementation and joint evaluation; and
– A wide opening of the European Research Area to the world with special emphasis on neighbouring countries and a strong commitment to addressing global challenges with Europe's partners.


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Building the European Research Area of knowledge for growth

Share best practices of industrial R&D and innovation and enjoy the experience of networking with your peers across different industrial sectors all over Europe!