European support Services

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Community of Science

The Community of Science claims to list $40bln worth of unclaimed research grants. Th esubscription site offers a searchable database and a weekly email update on new sources of funding. It also lists the expertise of half a million researchers at 1600 institutions worldwide.


On-line resource of funding opportunities and news on research policy and politics. Offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Sydney and Washington provide coverage around the world and across all disciplines, with daily news from over 30 countries around the world, plus in-depth analysis from our team of expert reporters and comment from leading figures in the research community.

Innovation Relay Centre network

With 250 regional offices in 31 countries, the Europe-wide IRC network provides specialist support for transnational technology transfer. IRC offices are hosted by regional agencies which are well-connected with their regional research organisations and communities of technology-based firms and offer a variety of expert innovation support services. The link is to a map-based search tool to find contact details of the nearest IRC office.

Business and Innovation Centre network

The BIC network is a regional support structure for innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs. BICs focus on local rather than on transnational technology transfer, offering a full range of assistance, from the assessment of innovative business ideas through business planning guidance to advice on business accommodation and post start-up support. There are now 150 BICs, from the Algarve to the east of Finland, and from the west coast of Ireland to Kosice in the east of the Slovak Republic. Each is designed to meet the unique needs of its region as well as complementing and co-operating with other EU, national and regional business support agencies.


This Helpdesk offers current and potential Framework Programme research contractors expert assistance with IPR issues. In particular, it provides help with the rules concerning the protection and diffusion of the results of Community research, and with intellectual property in transnational projects. The website provides visitors with a range of briefing papers, tutorials and links related to IPR issues. Free firstline assistance from a helpline.

Innovation Relay Centres

With nearly 250 offices in 31 European countries, the network of Innovation Relay Centres (IRCs) combines local presence with EU-wide reach to provide expert face-to-face support for transnational technology co-operation. IRC staff are experienced specialists with backgrounds in business, industry and research, equipped to help SMEs and others to acquire the new technology they need, and to find new international outlets for their own innovative technologies. Through the pan-European IRC network, local IRCs can find the perfect partners for technological co-operation of any kind. They can assist with the negotiation of technology partnership agreements, and call in specialist legal and patent advisers when needed.


Gate2Growth offers entrepreneurs access to all the support required to set up a fully-fledged company, including an investor matching service and short cuts to local help. Mainly targeting high-tech entrepreneurs looking for between €10,000 and €4 million of financing,’s direct services include: • tools for business plan preparation • diagnostic services for draft business plans • a Europe-wide database of investment opportunities, fundable business plans and sources of finance • access to expert advice from investment specialists • networks offering local assistance and intermediary organisations • discussion forums, workshops and news services

Share best practices of industrial R&D and innovation and enjoy the experience of networking with your peers across different industrial sectors all over Europe!