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CORDIS: Finland Presidency R&D Information Service

Web site to support the Finnish Presidency of the Union, 2006.


Organisation assisting in the internationalisation of Finland

Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland provides funding for high-quality scientific research, serves as an expert in science and science policy, and strengthens the position of science and research.

Invest in Finland

Resources for those looking to invest in Finland

Finland Country Profile and Links

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Resources relating to Finland

pdf00-IQ-Country Profile

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Country profile on Finland in IQ edition 5


Tekes, the National Technology Agency of Finland, handles the delivery of applied and industrial R&D policy measures.

Ministry of Trade and Industry

This ministry is responsible for industrial and technology policy and the creation of preconditions for the development of Finnish enterprise. The policy aim is to boost the technological level of manufacturing and service sector enterprises and improve international competitiveness.

Share best practices of industrial R&D and innovation and enjoy the experience of networking with your peers across different industrial sectors all over Europe!