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pdf2007 Innovation for Growth

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Paper presented to May 2007 Ministerial Meeting of the OECD, supporting the concept of treating Innovation as a cross-cutting theme within the OECD

pdf2007 Chinese Innovation System

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Paper submitted by BIAC to the August 2007 concluding conference in Beijing of the OECD study on the Chinese Innovation System

pdf2006-R&D Tax Credits

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Presentation by Jerry Sheehan, OECD-DSTI, on the OECD's findings concerning R&D tax credits

2005 Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard

Provides a comprehensive picture of countries' performance in the areas of science, technology, globalisation and industry, bringing together over 200 figures to hep explain emerging policy issues. Includes access to downloadable Excel spreadsheets containing the data used inb the charts and figures


OECD online library of statistical databases, books and publications

OECD Online Bookshop

On-line purchase of OECD publications in printed or electronic formats

Energy Technology at the IEA

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The OPEN Bulletin brings regular updates on activities within the IEA's energy technology and R&D community that are contributing to energy security and protection of the environment and climate worldwide.
Recent reports on high-profile energy topics, include:
Energy Technologies at the Cutting Edge
IEA Energy Technology Collaboration - Frequently Asked Questions
Mobilising Energy Technology
Findings of Recent IEA Work
Legal Aspects of Storing CO2.
Saving Oil in a Hurry.
IEA Technology Brief - Transport.
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - The Potential of Coal.
Technology Perspectives for Energy Policy.
Findings of Recent IEA Work - 2005.
Publications for sale and for free may be found on the IEA publications' page

International Energy Agency

The International Energy Agency is the energy forum for 26 industrialised nations. It was created via (and associated with) the OECD. The IEA produces excellent reports on the world's energy system, on climate change and energy conservation.

doc2005-Internationalisation of R&D

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Background report for the 2005 OECD Conference on the Internationalisation of R&D. Contains an extensive analysis of trends, drivers and impact on host and home economies.

pdf2005-Innovation Policies (Annex 4)

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Evidence on innovation determinants from the Community Innovation Survey

pdf2005-Innovation Policies (Annex 3)

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Determinants of R&D and Patenting

pdf2005-Innovation Policies (Annex 1)

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Tables and Figures

pdf2005-Innovation Policies (Annex 2)

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Overview of Public Policies to support innovation

pdf2005-Innovation Policies

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Innovation Policies: Innovation in the Business Sector, Economics Policy Committee's Working Party on Macroeconomic and Structural Policy Analysis. An excellent econometric analysis and commentary on the relationship between government policies and the measures of the innovative performance of the economy.

OECD Science, Technology, Industry Directorate

This department works on innovation and technology policy to help Member Governments harness technological change to boost economic growth and achieve other social objectives. It focuses on policies in support of private-sector innovation: financing R&D and education; using intellectual property rights and competition policy to create innovation-friendly environments; and fostering links between science and industry. An excellent source of statistical data at the national and industry sector levels

pdf1965-Pons-Research Management

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Research Management

In the early 1960s, a series of seminars in Menars, Strobl and Hornbeck enabled scientists in charge of research institutes or their immediate deputies to exchange views and experience in the research management field. The OECD's Committee for Scientific Research decided to publish this booklet dealing with the synthesis of ideas of the seminars, as well as with a summary of the research manager's responsibilities, means and methods. Alain Pons was at the time a consultant to OECD.


The OECD produces internationally agreed instruments, decisions and recommendations to promote rules of the game in areas where multilateral agreement is necessary for individual countries to make progress in a globalised economy. These are underpinned by a wealth of detailed analysis and data, accessible electronically and as publications.

pdf2005 Internationalisation of R&D

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Internationalisation of R&D is providing new opportunities for businesses to draw on local strengths and specialisations on a global scale. This brief argues that the commercial reasons for drawing on an international research base are concerned
primarily with business strategy and a capacity to address changing business objectives. The resulting global trade in knowledge and intellectual property and the strengthening of economies through R&D can provide economic benefits similar to other forms of trade. By the same token, companies and nations will find traditional strengths challenged by others, so these gains will only be realised by those who are able to respond effectively to the competition.

pdf2003 Better Public-Private Partnerships

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This paper, prepared for the January 2004 OECD Science Ministerial, considers the changing nature of university-industry relations within universities' role as major platform for creating knowledge and developing human resources. It offers suggestions for improving innovation systems through institutional reform and better industry-university relations.

pdf2003 Affirmative IPR

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Discussion paper prepared for the January 2004 OECD Science Ministerial. The paper starts by summarising an affirmative case for a well-developed, carefully balanced system of intellectual property rights in the 21st century. It then goes on to identify key areas in which the OECD should play a pivotal role in exploring the open issues of creating effective IPR regimes today.

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