2004.12.12 Building the European Research Area

2004.12.12 Building the European Research Area

title : 2004.12.12 Building the European Research Area
link title 2004.12.12 Building the European Research Area
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The European Research Area (ERA) aims to provide the conditions for R&D to be a truly effective part of the European knowledge economy. EIRMA has helped shape the debate on ERA in several ways including through active participation in leading Expert Group studies. In December 2008, the EU's Competitiveness Council adopted a 2020 Vision for ERA, reflecting many of the features that EIRMA has encouraged, including the need for Europe to be more attractive to the people and businesses that engage in research and innovation, and the accompanying need to be relevant to the interests and priorities of civil society.

Leading up to this vision, the 2008 ERA Rationales Report highlights the need for greater public understanding of how ERA will support Europe's future, calls for Grand Challenges linked to evident economic, environmental and social priorities as a way to achieve the impact that ERA deserves, and emphasises the importance of flexible R&D-friendly ecosystems. The FP6 Ex-Post Evaluation makes similar calls and points towards a Framework Programme that will be widely recognised for its Great Ideas and Global Excellence and appreciated for its Game Changing contributions to European and Global priorities. You may also be interested in the major study carried out in 2009, involving EIRMA, on the Future of European R&D policy in the knowledge-based economy


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