2007.05.02 The Future of Innovation

2007.05.02 The Future of Innovation

title : 2007.05.02 The Future of Innovation
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Innovation is changing in response to globalisation, the increasing complexity of products and services, and growing awareness that new ideas can come from anywhere. Europe’s most senior innovation managers meet regularly under the auspices of the European Industrial Research Management Association to discuss the changes taking place and how firms can respond. Download The Future of Innovation and read what they think.

The understanding and experiences that come from these discussions help guide business input into public policy formulation. We achieve this through our own work and also by collaborating closely with other business organisations with more general remits. For example, in preparation for the 2009 Swedish presidency, the Swedish Confederation of Enterprises worked with EIRMA and its members to identify priorities. You can read the results in these reports: From CAP to Competitiveness, Industry views on Research, Innovation & Education: Framework for reform


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