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EIRMA Insight is based on the discussions of senior industrial research and innovation practitioners at EIRMA meetings.
Here you will find the EIRMA Insight of 2011:

Fairness in Intellectual Property Negotiations

Greater cooperation in R&D means that research managers will have to spend more time negotiating collaboration agreements. One way to make this easier is to ensure that everyone involved feels they are getting a fair share of the rewards of any IP being licensed. Fairness is difficult, though, as is revealed in a discussion about offering equivalent rewards to inventors throughout a global organisation.
This practical guide discusses ways of ensuring that all parties feel fairly treated in licensing deals and some of the tools and techniques available to start the kind of open conversations that lead to mutual satisfaction and a faster pace of innovation.
This EIRMA insight also includes an update on progress towards a European patent.

Action Points

  • Brush up your negotiating skills if you want to license a lot more IP in or out
  • Recognise and accept that people's understanding of 'fairness' depends upon their motivations
  • If you are concerned about the evolution of the European patent system, now is the time to make your voice heard through your national organisations or by direct lobbying

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The Evolving Role of Middle Managers in Innovation

Current management practices emphasise control, discipline and efficiency, yet to thrive in the 21st century, organisations must be adaptable, innovative, inspiring and socially accountable. This practical guide looks at the ways middle management can adapt to, and even lead, the change to more responsive organisations. It discusses new approaches to innovation, and outlines the skills, insights and behaviours that middle managers will need in these new organisational structures.

Action Points

  • Companies need to be clear of the role they want for Innovation in their organisations
  • If you want to create a distributed innovation culture, consider using middle managers to lead that change and set their objectives accordingly
  • Consider separating efficiency management, innovation management and creativity management

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Governing Social Networking in R&D

How should R&D managers react to social-networking tools, which offer a great new way to connect people within and beyond their organisations, but also enable information to flow outside the usual channels and hierarchy? This practical guide looks at the benefits and challenges of social networking, offers advice about making effective use of social networking in the corporate environment, and discusses the cultural changes that may follow its uptake.

Action Points

  • Get people talking - worry about what they are saying later on
  • Keep a sense of perspective about the need for control - your staff are already communicating in uncontrolled ways on the phone or over coffee
  • Work out how to enable 'ephemeral meritocracies' and 'agile tribes' 

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A Practical Guide to Service Innovation

Innovation is increasingly about offering new services, rather than selling new products or processes. How should the R&D function adapt to this change?

This practical guide lays out a series of steps that companies should follow as they make the transition to a more service-led business, and discusses how the R&D function can adapt to the changing requirements that the transition brings.

  • Discover the three key factors that enable a successful transition to a service-led organisation
  • Learn about four ways the R&D function can adapt to a shift to services
  • Understand the five phases of a successful service launch
  • Hear how fellow practitioners, at organisations as diverse as ARM Holdings, Philips Lighting, Vaisala and VTT, are facing the challenge of service innovation

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