Artificial Intelligence and R&D Productivity


  Artificial Intelligence and R&D Productivity



18 June 2019, hosted by AD Little, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


In the big picture of digitalisation, there is another fascinating topic: Artificial Intelligence. Nobody doubts that it will revolutionize our society in general and R&D management in particular.

This workshop will be tackle two different parts:

  • The technological sensor aspects (how to collect data?)
    The Artificial Intelligence aspects (how to valorise your data).

How can they both support and enhance R&D productivity?

PDF  Full programme availlable soon


Issues addressed

  • What is the current state of the art for AI? 

  • Automation, sensor use, data use: what’s their effect on R&D management?

  • What do Automated Lab and Internet of Things mean for Innovation?

  • What type of technologies can we use to collect, manage and make data valuable? 

  • What are the limits of data analytics and AI?

  • What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on R&D management?

  • How can R&D use AI to improve itself?

  • What AI responsible boundaries should we consider?

Target Audience

Research strategy leaders, R&D managers, Business Development, Innovation Managers, people responsible for creating new business in their company, R&D programme leaders.


Michaël Kolk, Partner, Arthur D. Little

To Register

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 Send an email to Carine Ternest ([email protected])


  • Ms Aurélie Jablonski (EIRMA)
  • Dr Michaël Kolk (Arthur D Little)


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