Working group reports

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WG63 Technology Access for Open Innovation (2005) panier
WG61 Organising Stage-Gate for Delivery (2004) panier
WG62 Assessing R&D Effectiveness (2004) panier
WG60 Innovation through Spinning In and Out (2003) panier
WG59 Project and Portfolio Management (2002) panier
WG58 Integrating Technology and Business Strategy (2002) panier
WG57 Information Technology and R&D (2001) panier
WG56 Centralised versus Decentralised R&D - Benefits and Drawbacks (2001) panier
WG55 Technology Monitoring for business success (1999) panier
WG54 The Management of Corporate Knowledge (1999) panier
WG53 Project Management in R&D (1998) panier
WG51 Benchmarking in R&D (1998) panier
WG50 Long-term planning in a continuously changing world (1996) panier
WG49 Organising the company-customer interface for effective innovation (1996) panier
WG48 Funding R&D for industrial innovation (1995) panier
WG47 Evaluation of R&D projects (1995) panier
WG46 Total quality in R&D (1993) panier
WG45 Managing in-house information (1993) panier
WG44 Environmental and safety considerations in industrial R&D (1992) panier
WG52 Technology roadmapping (delivering business vision) (1997) panier
WG43 Acquisition of technology for product process innovation (1992) panier
WG42 New aspects of the interface between R&D and Marketing (1991) panier
WG41 Impact of Government policies on industrial R&D (1990) panier
WG40 Personnel management in R&D (1990) panier
WG39 Budgeting, Monitoring and Controlling R&D (1989) panier
WG38 Cooperative R&D in industry (1989) panier
WG37 Improving industry-university relations (1988) panier
WG36 Problems and responsibilities of first line R&D managers (1987) panier
WG35 Increasing productivity in R&D (1987) panier
WG34 Role and organisation of corporate R&D (1987) panier
WG33 Developing R&D strategies (1986) panier
WG31 The impact of new information technologies on R&D and on I&D management (1986) panier
WG32 Management development for R&D and the company (1985) panier
WG29 Evaluation of R&D output (1985) panier
WG30 The role of R&D in introducing micro-electronics into the company (1984) panier
WG28 How much R&D? (1983) panier
WG27 The role of R&D in the innovation process (1983) panier
WG26 Management of product development projects (1983) panier
WG25 R&D in an energy and raw materials conscious era (1982) panier
WG23 Industry needs for basic research (1982) panier
WG24 The role of R&D in quality assurance (1981) panier
WG21 Systems and methods for planning R&D in industry (1979) panier
WG20 Future working conditions: safety, hygiene and humanisation of environment (1979) panier
WG22 The changing interface between research and marketing (1978) panier
WG19 The societal dimension in R&D strategy (1978) panier
WG17 Licensing (1978) panier
WG18 The evolution of the research worker (1977) panier
WG16 Evaluating R&D Projects (1976) panier
WG15 Industry-government relations (1976) panier
WG14 Creativity and motivation in industrial R&D (1976) panier
WG12 The allocation of research resources (1975) panier
WG13 R&D for industry of the future (1974) panier
WG05-2 Computers and R&D (1974), Part 2, Computers as Aids to Management panier
WG05-4 Computers and R&D (1974), Part 4, A Manager's Guide panier
WG05-3 Computers and R&D (1974), Part 3, Evaluation and Selection panier
WG05-1 Computers and R&D (1974), Part 1, Technical Applications in R&D panier
WG11 Industrial R&D and environmental protection (1973) panier
WG10 Technology forecasting and long-range planning (1973) panier
WG08 Information requirements for R&D (1973) panier
WG01-1 Patents (1973), Part 1 panier
WG01-2 Patents (1973), Part 2, Position of Patents Function in the Organisation panier
WG06-5 Evaluating R&D projects (1973), Part 5, Credibility of Technical Success panier
WG06-4 Evaluating R&D projects (1973), Part 4, Choice of Selection Criteria panier
WG06-3 Evaluating R&D projects (1973), Part 3, Organisation of Evaluation Function panier
WG06-2 Evaluating R&D projects (1973), Part 2, Estimation of Cash Flow Curves panier
WG06-1 Evaluating R&D projects (1973), Part 1, Project Evaluation and Review panier
WG09 Cooperative international research (1972) panier
WG07 Relations between industry and universities (1972) panier
WG04-1 Research laboratories (1971), Part 1, Buildings panier
WG04-3 Research laboratories (1971), Part 3, Communications panier
WG04-2 Research laboratories (1971), Part 2, Budgetting and Control panier
WG03 The career of the research worker (1970) panier
WG02 Research bought outside the firm (1969) panier

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