Workshop reports

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WS08 Outsourcing R&D (1997) panier
WS11 Future R&D Environments (2001) panier
WS10 Researchers as Business People (2000) panier
WS09 Creativity and Innovativeness in R&D (1998) panier
WS07 Core competences and R&D (1996) panier
WS06 Effective collaborative R&D (1995) panier
WS05 Increasing the speed of innovation (1994) panier
WS04 Stimulating creativity and innovation (1993) panier
WS03 How much R&D? (1992) panier
WS02 Managing the career of mature scientists (1990) panier
WS01 Implications for R&D of current trends in IP protection (1988) panier

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