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"What do people get out of participating in EIRMA-organised activities?"

"Why would I send one of my team to these events?"

Testimonials from participating members

"Excellent exchange of information!"

Stellario Barbera - SKF, Department Manager


"Participating to the EIRMA Learning Group gave me some Insights in other companies' methodologies." 

Maria Antonietta Solinas - ENI S.p.A., VP Research and Technological Innovation Department 


"Coming to an EIRMA meeting gave me the opportunity to meet people from industries I have not met before."

 Eva Niewiadomska - British American Tobacco, Information Services Manager


"EIRMA Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management is the perfect stage which creates good interaction between business and patent specialist aspects"

  Felix Moser - Sulzer ChemTech, Director Technology and IP


Rob Kirschbaum"EIRMA is the best European network for sharing best practices in R&D and Innovation. Its Specific Interest Groups offer the option to keep on learning and get connected to several sister organizations, a great value in the fast globalizing world."

Rob Kirschbaum - DSM, VP Open Innovation


Carla Hilhorst"Eirma is a forum to exchange and discuss experiences and best practices in R&D management. A very open and friendly atmosphere."  

Carla Hilhorst - Unilever Vice President R&D, Global Regulatory Affairs


 Hans Schläpfer"EIRMA not only offers first-hand exchange platforms, it  also fosters bilateral discussions and inputs. Top to introduce professionals in the management of R&D and innovation!" 

Hans-Walter Schläpfer - CTO Sulzer Markets and Technology Ltd


Walter Steinlin

"EIRMA is a source of inspiration for innovation: I network and benchmark with colleagues and peers."

Walter Steinlin - Swisscom Institutional Relations, President of CTI


Dr Ralf Raue, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH"EIRMA is a unique place for the efficient R&D manager to network, discuss and learn about latest trends and exchange experience."

Dr Ralf Raue - Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Head of Technology Transfer


Dr Jacques Lukasik - Secretary General, former Senior VP Scientific Affairs of Lafarge

"A major forum, where we learn by participating."

Dr Jacques Lukasik - Secretary General, former Senior VP Scientific Affairs of Lafarge


Dr Joachim von Heimburg, General Manager, Innovation & Corporate Program at Sabic"The opportunity to compare approaches and relevance of issues and practices.

Getting in contact with companies that you normally don’t deal with."

Dr Joachim von Heimburg, General Manager, Innovation & Corporate Program at Sabic


"It's all about learning how others approach things, being able to demonstrate that your job is being done well."

EIRMA Meeting"Working in a team with young people from different se ctors made me realise that every day important discoveries and developments are still made."

This kind of meeting really points out the need to talk across different industries in order to learn more."

"I have a greater understanding of the way of thinking in different industries."

"We were a diverse group, even when from apparently similar sectors. This has not been a problem, as people have been willing to listen to questions and debate issues."

 "Probably the m ost important thing for  "The Next Generation" will be to keep on sharing information coming from different views, as we did in this working group."

 "I liked the way of thinking about the future in a general way, and not only in a technical way (like I do in my daily work)."

 "It showed me again how important it is to stop from time to time in your daily helter-skelter to rethink and improve your long-term strategy."

 "It was stimulating to work as a group that really aimed to achieve a common goal."

"We overcame the difficulty of understanding English spoken with different accents."

"These meetings have allowed me to compare the structure and situation of my company in the context of other companies belonging to different sectors, giving me a wider perspective and a more realistic point of view." 


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