A Word from the President

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Carlos Härtel hands over the Presidency of EIRMA to Ernst Lutz

EIRMA has a new President!


                                              Dublin, May 19, 2017  

A Word from the President

EIRMA was founded about 50 years ago as a platform for R&D-driven European-based industries and corporations, with the purpose of exchanging around the challenges of managing research and developing best practices in innovation. Since its inception, the Association has contributed to the competitiveness of European industries by fostering expertise building and knowledge sharing amongst innovation leaders, and by enabling generations of young R&D managers to progress their continuous learning and professional development.

Today, EIRMA’s mission remains as relevant as it was back in its early days. Challenges may have changed, but they have not become any smaller. In most European countries, sluggish growth and austerity have left their marks. Nowadays, budgets for research, development and innovation have become harder to secure, and competition has intensified on a global scale. Many of us are challenged to do more with less in R&D. As our focus turns to identifying and investing in the most promising ideas, aligning talents, resources and capabilities has become an imperative for our companies in order to successfully deliver innovative products, services and solutions and to secure sustainable success.

The rise of commercial conference providers, including in the field of innovation and technology management, highlights the mounting need to connect the right people and to create common platforms. Their commercial success depends on the influx of knowledge by conference participants, that then can be actively and commercially marketed again. The strength of an association like EIRMA resides in the fact that it is not designed to be a self-service shop, where one enters, compares products, picks one, and leaves. At EIRMA, we take the view that our members are the platform. They create a safe space in which they can talk openly and in a non-competitive setting about new trends and the challenges and opportunities that they bring. Trust is nurtured by the continuous involvement of participating organisations and more formally by our setup. Membership is not merely a ticket that allows you and your colleagues to take part in events – it is an opportunity for you to shape and enrich the future of EIRMA and more broadly innovation management. It allows you to freely share and develop technology management practices that are robust and relevant, reflecting the diversity of industries represented.

Together with our great support team, I very much look forward to working with you on providing an exciting forum for our future exchanges and co-creating events and programmes that help you in your daily work. This is our association, our platform, our EIRMA. I encourage you to use and contribute to it as an additional resource to develop the competitive edge of our companies.


Ernst Lutz, Group Executive Vice President Business Development of Grundfos and incoming President of EIRMA


Ernst Lutz's Biography

Ernst Lutz has spent most of his career dealing with Industrial Innovation and Technology Management. Under his responsibility and guidance Alcan Engineered Products developed and implemented an internal innovation management system and a best in class customer driven innovation partnership framework. In addition, he focused on technology road-mapping and strategic product portfolio alignment.

Ernst Lutz studied Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland and Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA, USA, where he also received his PhD. In addition, he holds a master´s degree in business management. He has been working in the metals and mining industry for 16 years (alusuisse, Alcan, RioTinto), during which he has held various technology management positions. He spent significant time in Switzerland, Japan, Canada, France and China. In 2011 he relocated from Shanghai to Winterthur, Switzerland, to take over corporate-wide responsibilities as Chief Technology Officer and member of the extended Executive Committee of Sulzer. During this time, he restructured and realigned the global engineering for Sulzer Pumps in order to create a clear focus on customer needs combined with operational excellence. In September 2015 Dr. Lutz accepted the position of CEO of EIT RawMaterials and relocated to Berlin, Germany. In this function he was responsible for building up and managing the largest global consortium in the area of raw materials, co-funded by the European Commission with close to 500 million Euro for industry-related innovation and technology development.

Since September 2016 Ernst Lutz joined Grundfos as Executive Vice President. Grundfos is a privately held Danish company and world market leader in pumps for water and waste water solutions. He is responsible for technology as well as market segments and is located in Denmark.




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